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Cory Silverberg

RFSU Condoms Now Vegan Certified in the U.S.

By July 24, 2009

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Keeping in mind that there still are no international, let alone Federal, standards for vegan certification, I still think itís helpful news for American vegans that the U.S. distributor for Swedenís RFSU condoms just announced that the condoms have been certified vegan by Vegan Action.

The very first sex shop I worked at in 1987 carried the RFSU condoms, back then they came in these cardboard wallet size cases and had completely hippie illustrations on them. But we loved them for their fit and feel, and for the fact that they are made by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, a non-profit founded in 1933.

The condoms are available in four styles, Birds n Bees (buy direct) which has a slightly larger head and bumps and ridges, the snugger fitting Mamba (buy direct), Profil (buy direct) which is a their contoured style, and the larger sized Okeido.

If you havenít heard about vegan condoms before, the short story is that in the manufacturing process for many condoms they use casin which is a milk protein. RFSU condoms, along with a few others, donít use casin and donít use any other animal by-products.

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July 29, 2009 at 1:40 pm
(1) Counsel says:

I had to laugh… You know our language (English) uses many terms to refer to the penis (as do many other languages)…


Use a vegan-approved condom so your vegan lover can go down on your meat…

Sorry, …

I just can’t get the many commercials that are going to pop up on YouTube for this product…

I am glad that vegans have an “approved” wrapper so that they can feel good while feeling good.

However, I do find it funny…

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