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What is Gender Identity? - LGBT Teens - About.com
Gender identity refers to whether we feel strongly that we are either male, female or transgender. Some people feel they do not conform to any gender identity.
What is Gender Identity Disorder? - LGBT Teens - About.com
Gender Identity Disorder (GID) is a controversial psychological diagnosis that may be given to a transgender person. Transgender people often feel as if their ...
Editing Gender Identity on Facebook - Social Media - About.com
Facebook offers users dozens of options for choosing and presenting their gender identity on the social network, but those options aren't so easy to find.
Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation Differences - LGBT Teens
LGBT Basics: Background Info on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity ... Question: What is the Difference Between Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation?
whats your opinion on Gender Identity Disorder....what would you do ...
I'm doing a paper in my Parenting class on Gender Identity Disorder. Anyone here care to share their opinions? Do you think it's just who the ...
Children with Gender Identity Disorder - Pediatrics - About.com
Feb 20, 2012 ... Children and teens with gender identity disorder (GID) have been getting more attention in recent years. This has been helped by some media ...
Gender Identity, Transition, and Weight Loss - Calorie Count
I've looked all over this site, and I haven't found any topics specifically for people who are trans, gender variant, questioning, or otherwise.
Gender Identity Disorder - Plastic Surgery - About.com
Describes a disorder in which an individual has an aversion to his or her biological sex and its associated gender, and desires to escape his or her assigned ...
Sociology of Gender - About.com
There is a lot of debate about how much of a person's gender identity, among other things, is due to their biological makeup (nature) and how much is due to ...
What is Gender Non-conformist? - Lesbian Life - About.com
What does it mean to be gender-nonconformist? ... Related Articles. What's the Difference between Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation? Can Transsexuals ...
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