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Is "Queer" a Derogatory Word? - Gay Life - About.com
The word "queer" has been ameliorated by the gay community, lessening the affects of its use against them by homophobes.
Queer - Lesbian Life - About.com
Once considered a derogatory word, some people use this term to be all inclusive of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Warning: Some people still ...
El adjetivo queer y el activismo - Lesbianas - About.com
El origen y significado del movimiento llamado Queer. La teoría queer, sus bases y su ideología.
Pictures: Queer Eye for the Boston Red Sox Guy
The Queer Eye team works their magic on Kevin Millar, Johnny Damon, Jason Varitek, Tim Wakefield and Doug Mirabelli of the Boston Red Sox. See the ...
Thea Gill as Lindsay on Queer as Folk - Lesbian Life - About.com
Thea Gill plays Lindsay on Queer as Folk. She plays a lesbian, but is she lesbian or bisexual herself?
Translating Ginsberg's Queer Shoulder – Raymond Federman's Tiny ...
He felt compelled to do this when he saw that the official translation made the last line, “America, I'm putting my queer shoulder to the wheel” into “unusual” ...
Gay, Lesbian & Queer Studies - Classic Literature - About.com
Find information and resources related to gay, lesbian and queer studies.
Toronto Queer Arts and Culture Festival 2014 - Gay Travel - About.com
A couple of years ago the event's organizers rebranded the event as the Toronto Queer Arts and Culture Festival and moved the timing to August - the festival ...
Queer Eye: The Wedding Season - About.com Reality TV
Queer Eye. Network: Bravo. Time Slot: Tuesdays, 10 pm ET. Premise: The Fab Five, a group of gay men who give fashion and lifestyle makeovers to straight ...
Amy Ray Discusses the Queer Community and Trans Influence on ...
Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls tells what she learned from the trans community about herself and how the trans movement is good for the queer community in ...
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