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What Is Poppers - Addictions - About.com
Poppers are widely used as recreational drugs, especially on the gay scene, and ... Poppers continue to be used, along with other drugs, in party-and-play sex ...
Is Your Erectile Dysfunction Caused by Medications?
Aug 6, 2008 ... Sexual dysfunction, which includes problems getting and ... Recreational drugs and drugs of abuse that cause erectile dysfunction include:.
Designer Drugs - Addictions - About.com
Learn about designer drugs. ... Recreational Drug Use and a New Interpretation ... and methamphetamine use among HIV-positive men who have sex with men.
Gay Drug Use Stereotype - Addictions - About.com
Jun 30, 2014 ... There is a stereotype that gay men use recreational drugs. While research tells us that sexual minorities, including gay men, may be more likely ...
Sexual Use of Drugs - Using Alcohol and Drugs to Enhance Sex a ...
Feb 7, 2013 ... "Trends in recent decades have resulted in recreational drug use and ... However , young people often see alcohol, drugs and sex all as part of ...
Erectile Dysfunction Basics - Medical Treatments - About.com
Jun 30, 2014 ... Drugs that often cause erectile dysfunction include: ... physically active; Using recreational drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine or heroin ... Although medications may help, satisfying sexual experiences may require that you ....
Crystal Meth and Substance Abuse - When Speed Kills - Aids/HIV
... is used as a recreational drug ("party drug"), because of its ability to enhance the ... In addition, users often exchange sex for the drug, further exposing them to  ...
Characteristics of Recreational Marijuana Use
Explains the characteristics of unproblematic recreational marijuana use, ... the appetite, engaging in sexual activity, or completing bowel movements. ... Despite what you may have heard, marijuana is not a harmless drug and can be a trigger  ...
Can Marijuana Cause Male or Female Infertility? - Addictions
As well as interfering with you and your partner being able to have sex, impotence can also have ... "Recreational drug use and the risk of primary infertility.
What Causes Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction? - Senior Living
For some men, impotence means they are unable to ejaculate during sex. ... Overuse or abuse of drugs including alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs.
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