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What is Gender Identity? - LGBT Teens - About.com
Gender identity refers to whether we feel strongly that we are either male, female or transgender. Some people feel they do not conform to any gender identity.
sexual orientation - slang words for sexual orientation - LGBT Teens
There are a lot of words, both slang, as well as the proper terminology, that are used to describe sexual orientation.
I Don't Know What My Sexual Orientation Is - LGBT Teens - About.com
After friends put pressure on her, a teen who finds herself attracted to people of various genders, becomes concerned that she doesn't know what her sexual ...
Female Sexuality, Women's Sex Lives and Sexual Identity
Issues surround female sexuality, women's sex lives and sexual identity from adolescence through menopause and aging. From concerns about puberty to ...
What Is Gender? (Psychology Dictionary Definition)
Gender is a person's sexual identity, regardless of the person's biological and outward sex...
What Are Sexual Minorities? - Gender Definition
May 1, 2014 ... What does it mean when someone refers to a "sexual minority?" Answer: Sexual minorities are groups of people whose sexual orientation, ...
Children with Gender Identity Disorder - Pediatrics - About.com
Feb 20, 2012 ... Children and teens with gender identity disorder (GID) have been getting more attention in recent years. This has been helped by some media ...
Is Being Gay a Choice - Most Professionals Do Not Believe Sexual ...
Various groups claim to be able to change sexual orientation and gender identity through therapy. There is no scientific basis for these claims, and the success ...
Philosophy of Sex and Gender - Natural or Conventional?
Although in some sub-cultures it is common to designate the sex of an individual based on the sexual orientation, the two seem to be quite distinct. People who ...
Sexual Orientation - Nature vs. Nurture - Gay Life - About.com
Of course environmental factors affect our sexuality. You just can't generalize these types of things. Ultimately what you end up doing is trying to figure out how to ...
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