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What is Gender Identity? - LGBT Teens - About.com
Gender identity refers to whether we feel strongly that we are either male, female or transgender. Some people feel they do not conform to any gender identity.
Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation Differences - LGBT Teens
Sexual orientation refers to ... read more about the differences between Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation here.
sexual orientation - slang words for sexual orientation - LGBT Teens
There are a lot of words, both slang, as well as the proper terminology, that are used to describe sexual orientation.
Nature or Nurture - What Are the Causes of Sexual Orientation
There a few different theories as to the causes of sexual orientation. Some people believe it is a natural, inborn trait while others think that sexual orientation  ...
What is Gender Identity Disorder? - LGBT Teens - About.com
Gender Identity Disorder (GID) is a controversial psychological diagnosis that may be given to a transgender person. Transgender people often feel as if their ...
I Don't Know What My Sexual Orientation Is - LGBT Teens - About.com
Question: I Don't Know What My Sexual Orientation is. After friends put pressure on her, a teen who finds herself attracted to people of various genders, ...
Female Sexuality, Women's Sex Lives and Sexual Identity
Issues surround female sexuality, women's sex lives and sexual identity from adolescence through menopause and aging. From concerns about puberty to ...
How Does Sexual Orientation Work When You're ... - LGBT Teens
A lot of people get confused by how sexual orientation works when a person is transgender. Partly that's because the terms sex, gender and sexual orientation ...
All About Outing - Revealing Someone Else's Sexual Orientation is ...
Everyone has to come out at their own pace, and revealing a person's sexual orientation when they aren't ready to have this revealed can be very problematic  ...
Figuring Out Sexual Orientation - How Do I Know if I Am Gay
Here is everything you need to know about figuring out your sexual orientation.
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