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Nature or Nurture - What Are the Causes of Sexual Orientation
There a few different theories as to the causes of sexual orientation. Some people believe it is a natural, inborn trait while others think that sexual orientation  ...
Body Odor, Gender, and Sexual Orientation
Feb 6, 2013 ... Sexual orientation is an integral part of mental health. Not too long ago the American Psychiatric Association listed homosexuality as a mental ...
Female Sexuality, Women's Sex Lives and Sexual Identity
Issues surround female sexuality, women's sex lives and sexual identity from adolescence through menopause and aging. From concerns about puberty to ...
We Need a New Orientation to Sex | Cory Silverberg - Huffington Post
Oct 16, 2013 ... In practice, sexual orientation poses only one question, and it is both dull and blunt: What is the gender of the people whom you are sexually ...
Hate Crime Laws and Sexual Orientation - Crime and Punishment
More than 40 percent of homosexuals and bisexuals report having been attacked because of their sexual orientation sometime during their life, despite official ...
What Are Sexual Minorities? - Gender Definition
May 1, 2014 ... What does it mean when someone refers to a "sexual minority?" Answer: Sexual minorities are groups of people whose sexual orientation, ...
Sexual Orientation - Nature vs. Nurture - Gay Life - About.com
The debate of nature versus nurture explores whether people are born gay or made gay. Get inside the nature versus. nurture debate! Page 2.
Sociology of Gender - About.com
There is a lot of debate about how much of a person's gender identity, among other things, is due to their biological makeup (nature) and how much is due to ...
What Is Gender? (Psychology Dictionary Definition)
Gender is a person's sexual identity, regardless of the person's biological and outward sex...
Philosophy of Sex and Gender - Natural or Conventional?
Although in some sub-cultures it is common to designate the sex of an individual based on the sexual orientation, the two seem to be quite distinct. People who ...
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