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9 Weeks to Better Sex

Week 9: Better Sex and Beyond


This series of lessons is designed for people in relationships who are having sex but want to change or develop their sex lives in some new way. Each lesson includes a little bit of sex education, suggestions of activities to try out during the week, and an opportunity to let you reflect on your experience of what it’s like to try and change your sex life. This course is not meant as a substitute for working through things with your partner, nor is it a substitute for sex therapy or counseling.

I recommend starting the course from the beginning, or signing up to receive these lessons automatically each week as a 9 Weeks to Better Sex online course.

Better Sex and Beyond
This may be the end of the 9 Weeks to Better Sex, but it’s hardly the end of the sexual journey (if you ask me, that ends when you die). What is better sex for you now may be different than what you thought it was nine weeks ago, and it’ll change again in the future. I hope you found some of the exercises, articles, and reflections helpful. If you have any feedback to share about the course, please let me know.

For our final lesson I leave you with some resources to continue your own education. Thanks for taking the time to engage, and congratulations on caring enough about your and your partner’s happiness to want to explore better sex together.

Recommended Reading

Sex Manuals
A great sex manual is a resource you can return to again and again over the years for inspiration and tips. Sex manuals don't offer a lot of support during the difficult times, but having one good sex manual in the house is as important as having one good cookbook in the kitchen.

Mating in Captivity
One of the best books for couples who are either struggling with reduced sexual interest or activity, or couples looking to take their relationship to a more intimate level. "Mating in Captivity" is not a sex guide, but if you read it and engage with it, it will almost certainly have a positive impact on your sex life.

Future Sex Projects

Integrating Your Sexual Self
One last exercise. This one encourages you to think about how you can integrate your sexual interests and feelings more fully into your everyday relationship.

Adult Sex Workshops
One place to seek out further knowledge are sex workshops. Many sex shops now offer these workshops, but make sure you know what you're getting before you fork over the cash. This article offers suggestions on what to ask and where to find good quality sex workshops for adults.

How To Find a Good Sex Shop
Sex toys are not a cure-all for sexual doldrums. But sex toys can be a fun way to explore sexual options and even a visit to a local sex shop can be a useful exercise in finding better sex for you and your partner. Learn how to find a good sex shop near you, or online.

Making Things Better for the Next Generation
A lack of sex education is just one of the many barriers most adults face in finding better sex. If you've got children, you can help ensure they are able to experience both safe and healthy sexuality but making sure they receive comprehensive sex education.

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