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Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Is There a Cure for Erectile Dysfunction?


Updated February 09, 2011

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual complaint, impacting as many as one in five men. There are many known erectile dysfunction causes, including physical, psychological, and relationship factors that can impact a man's ability to get an erection. But is there a cure for erectile dysfunction?

The answer is this: in rare cases, yes, most of the time, no, but regardless, there are plenty of erectile dysfunction treatments to be tried.

Having a cure for ED would suggest that you experience ED, get treated, and then it goes away. There are some ED treatments, like penile implant surgery, which may for a period of time mean that you can get erections when you want. There are some causes of erectile dysfunction, like relationship problems, which may be treated with ED therapy and may result in resumption of erectile functioning. But in both of these cases, there is no guarantee that the ED won't return. In fact, if you take into account what we know about erectile dysfunction and aging you'll realize that if you live long enough, it's very likely you'll experience erectile dysfunction again.

For this reason, talking about a cure for erectile dysfunction doesn't seem quite right. Of course there are many companies, both legitimate and shady, who would like you to think they have an ED cure, which they're happy to share with you for $19.99. And many treatments work. But erectile dysfunction isn't a disease. It's a predictable part of aging, just as erection problems are a predictable part of having a penis. There's nothing wrong with going looking for treatments, and there isn't any benefit to worrying about what's around the corner. It can be helpful to think about erectile difficulties in general, and erectile dysfunction in particular, as something that is simply part of having a rich and fulfilling sex life. That may help reduce some of the anxiety before, during, and after any period in your life when you may be experiencing ED.

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