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Sexual Anatomy & Response

Explore your entire body from a sexual perspective. Includes information on sexual anatomy and response, sexual desire and libido.
  1. Female Sexual Anatomy (17)
  2. Sex and Drugs (21)
  3. Sexual Side Effects of Meds (11)
  4. Sexual Difficulties (25)
  5. Erectile Dysfunction (33)
  6. Male Circumcision and Sex (6)
  7. Male Sexual Anatomy (19)

Premature Ejaculation
Everything you wanted to know about premature ejaculation but might be embarrassed to ask.

Sex Sounds
Only a few brave researchers have ventured into the territory of human sexual sounds. Here’s what we know.

Unexpected Orgasms
There are several types of orgasms that fall outside of standard textbook descriptions of an orgasm in terms of when, where, and how they occur. These orgasms can be considered unexpected orgasms.

Sexual Exploration
Thoughts on the difficulty of exploring new sexual possibilities without comparing yourself unfavourably to others.

Anatomy of Intercourse
The anatomy of intercourse research from Leonardo da Vinci to Masters and Johnson to MRI and 3D ultrasound imaging.

What is Sexual Response?
Description of human sexual response, the benefits and drawbacks of thinking of sexual experience using a multi-stage model of sexual response.

Breastfeeding and Sexuality
Breastfeeding can, and often does, impact your sex life and experience of sexuality. Learn about the relationship between breastfeeding and sexuality, and get tips on how to manage changes in a way that leads to better sex.

What is an orgasm?
What is orgasm, and how is it defined by science and culture? Better than single definitions are multi-dimensional explanations of orgasm.

Sex and Aging
Resources and information about aging and sexuality, including how our bodies change as we age, how our thoughts and feelings change as we age, and places to find more information about sex and aging.

Physical Sexual Changes and Aging
Discussion of how our bodies may change as we age, and the impact these changes can have on our sexuality.

Priapism - Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments of Priapism
Priapism refers to a prolonged erection in the absence of sexual stimulation. It is considered a urological emergency, and needs to be correctly diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Causes of Pain During Sex
Describes both physical and psychological causes of pain during sex.

Anus Male Sexual Anatomy
Description of the anus and rectum, and the part they play in sexual anatomy and response.

Dealing With Painful Sex
Tips on reducing pain during sex.

What is Lichen Sclerosus
Information about lichen sclerosus, a rare skin disorder that can seriously impact sexuality and sexual behavior.

Kegel Exercises
Answers to commonly asked questions about Kegel exercises, including what they are, who should do them, and how to do them.

How To do Kegel Exercises
Step by step instructions on doing kegel exercises.

Where Is My PC Muscle?
Learn how to locate and isolate your PC muscle.

Opening Conversations at the Close of World Breastfeeding Week
The first week of August is World Breastfeeding Week, an opportunity to think about and talk about some of the lesser known aspects of breastfeeing.

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