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Double Dildo

The Uses, Pros and Cons of Double Dildos


Double Dildo
Come As You Are

A double dildo is a sex toy designed for simultaneous double penetration. Double dildos can be used for vaginal or anal penetration by men or women. Some people will also use a double dildo for single penetration but prefer the length of the toy as it offers a bigger handle, which is convenient whether you’re using a dildo on a partner or for solo play.

Double Dildo Material and Design
The best quality double dildo is made of silicone, but there are many less-expensive double dildos made of plain rubber or jelly rubber. Some high-end acrylic dildo makers have double dildos, and while these are very good quality, they are less versatile as they have no give to them. The ideal design for a double dildo is to have a curved shape, which facilitates greater movement and physical closeness between partners. At the very least, you want to make sure your double dildo bends easily.

Some of the curved double ended dildos are designed for use in a harness as a strap on, where they will provide penetration for the person wearing the harness and for the person on the “receiving” end. While these dildos are often more expensive, they add yet another function making them more versatile and hopefully more frequently used.

Pros of Double Dildos

  • Double dildos require a sense of fun and good coordination — both of which add to any sexual encounter.
  • Double dildos are versatile and can be used in many ways in a variety of circumstances.
  • At their best, double dildos allow something no combination of live bodies could.

Cons of Double Dildos

  • Double dildos never work exactly the way you want and always involve some awkward rhythms at first.
  • Double dildos require paying attention: moving too fast or the wrong way can result in a surprising jolt of pain.
  • A good quality double dildo is quite expensive.

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