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Strap On Dildo Harness


Strap On Dildo Harness
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A strap on, sometimes called a "strap-on dildo" or "dildo harness," is a product that secures a dildo against your body, so you can use it without holding on to it. The most common strap on is worn around the waist, so the dildo sits close to where a penis would be on a biological man. A strap on product may refer to the harness, dildo or both, so if you’re not sure what you’re getting, it’s always best to ask.

Different Styles of Strap On

One Piece Strap On
The big sex toy manufacturers (Doc Johnson, Topco and California Exotic Novelties) offer these all-in-one strap on kits, where the dildo and harness are one piece and cannot be taken apart. These are generally not recommended as the quality tends to be poor, you can’t ever change the dildo (if you want something larger or smaller) and the straps usually don’t give you as much control.

Modular Strap On
More desirable are strap ons that allow you to mix and match. In most cases, the harness part of the strap on has a round opening, and the dildo slips through the opening and stays in place because it has a flared base. These strap ons allow you to use a variety of dildos from different manufacturers, and the harnesses tend to be of better quality in materials and function.

G String or Jock Style
Strap ons that go around the waist come in two main styles. A one strap or G string–style strap on has one strap the goes between the legs. A jock style harness will have two or more straps that go between the legs. As a generalization, more straps will keep the dildo tighter to your body and give you more control over it. A strap on with one strap will probably result in the dildo moving around a lot more. This isn’t necessarily bad (as more movement may be felt more by the wearer). If a strap on is well-made, the difference is mostly about personal preference.

Other Strap On Styles
Some strap ons are designed to be worn around the thigh, around the chest or even around the face. The basic idea is always the same: a device that secures a dildo to something, so you can use it hands free.

Strap On Materials

Strap ons are made from fabric, leather, rubber and vinyl. It’s hard to generalize about quality and material as the quality has as much to do with the design and craftsmanship as it does with the material chosen. That said, a good strap on is one that will keep the dildo tight against your body, giving you the control you want. It’s also one that feels comfortable and makes you feel good when you’re wearing it. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks:
Leather: Durable, breathes, wears well over time, cleaning requires some time
Fabric: Less durable, breathes, can stretch out, very easy to clean
Rubber: Easy to clean, waterproof, durable, doesn’t breathe, wear in or change over time.
Vinyl: Same as rubber

How to Choose a Strap On

The best strap on for you depends on many factors. Whenever possible, shopping for a harness in person is preferred. At better sex shops, they’ll let you try different styles on, which is even better. Here are some questions to answer that can help you narrow down what may be the best for you:

1. What’s your budget?
If you can afford it, it’s recommended to get a modular strap on — not an all-in-one — as they are much better. You can usually get a basic good quality modular strap on (dildo and harness) for under $100. If you’re on a very tight budget, you may want to start with an inexpensive all-in-one to see if you like it before saving up to invest. Keep in mind, though, that it may not give you a good sense of what better quality strap ons are like. Nylon is less expensive than leather or rubber. Another way of keeping the cost down is to start with a good quality harness but purchase a less-expensive dildo.

2. What’s your size?
This applies to both the waist/hip size of the wearer of the harness (some styles only come in small and medium) but also the size of the dildo. If you need a harness that will accommodate either very small or very large dildos, it is best to get one with adjustable O-rings, part of the harness that helps keep the dildo from slipping through.

3. What are your priorities?
The style of the harness (G-string or jock style) has an impact on the amount of control you’ll have — the material will affect both control and durability but also comfort. Finally, for some people, strap ons are very much about the show, and having one that looks great and makes you feel great when you’re wearing it is important. There are no right answers here, but as you’re deciding, consider what your priorities are between control, comfort and look.

Where to Buy a Strap On

Most sex shops and online sex toy websites will have a range of strap ons. I recommend sticking to recommended sex shops as there are far more poor-quality overpriced strap ons than there are top-quality ones. Online you can also purchase a strap on directly from the manufacturer, although (in some cases) the customer service you’ll get will be significantly poorer than with seasoned retailers.
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