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Top 10 Ideas on Adapting Sex Toys


Below you’ll find suggestions on how to make sex toys more accessible, and some ways to think about choosing sex toys based both on your desires and your needs. First and foremost, adapting sex toys requires creativity and a sense of humor. In general, sex toys are poorly made and designed without much forethought. It’s all about figuring out how to make the thing do what you want it to do. For more specific suggestions feel free to visit the forum, or contact me directly.

1. Two Approaches to Sex Toy Adaptations

To give you a place to start, there are two general kinds of sex toy adaptations. There is the kind where you take a toy and change some aspect of it. You can build up a handle, change the switch, or attach the toy to something else that lets you use it. The other kind of adaptation is where you find a toy that may be intended for an entirely different purpose, but actually suits your needs. More ideas

2. What Do You Want in a Sex Toy?

We're all different, in how we respond sexually and what our needs are, and it's impossible to generalize about making toys accessible. But you also need to know what works for you. When you think about using a sex toy, what do you want to use it for? Is it for masturbation, using with a partner, a way to explore your body post-injury? There is no right or wrong answer here, but knowing what you want to do with a toy will help you figure out what toy is right for you.

3. Research Sex Toys and Sex Stores

Get a lay of the sex toy land. Surf around online, if you’ve got an accessible store near you go in for a visit, if you have the kind of friends you can talk to about sex toys, ask them what they know. Be wary of stores that push only the most expensive product, or online retailers that don’t respond to your email questions. There are enough good quality sex stores these days that you shouldn’t have to suffer sex store fools gladly. More ideas

4. Know What You're Getting

There are some toys that are plain unsafe, but mostly the difference between toys is how they feel, and how long they will last. A vibrator that costs $12 can still feel great, but it might not last as long as one that costs $80. More ideas

5. Mobility & Motor Control Considerations

Mobility and motor control can have an impact both on the sort of toy you can hold, but also getting the toy to touch yourself or your partner(s) where you want it. There are several things to consider in terms of mobility and motor control when choosing a toy. More ideas

6. Fatigue

When thinking about toys, fatigue becomes an issue mostly in the weight of a toy, and the way you might have to hold a toy. If you’re shopping for a toy online, and fatigue is a concern for you, ask about the weight of the toy. Get something that you can easily put down if you need a break. There are always lightweight versions of vibrators, dildos, and other toys. More ideas

7. Decreased Sensation

Sex toys can help you explore sensations on all parts of your body. Don't assume that if one part of your body feels a certain way everywhere else in that general area will feel the same way. There is variation in how sensation is experienced, but having reduced sensitivity doesn't have to mean reduced sexual response. More ideas

8. Increased Sensation

Most people with hypersensitivity find vibrators to be very unpleasant. They just provide too much stimulation. Remember that sex toys are just toys, and are a matter of taste and preference. With hypersensitivity it is best to get a toy whose movements you control. For example there is a range of non-vibrating insertion toys for men can provide intense stimulation just from having them around the penis.

9. Privacy

One of the biggest barriers to a healthy sex life can be the lack of privacy you have. Particularly true for people living in institutional settings, this can also be an issue for anyone who uses attendant care (which can often be provided by a family member or romantic partner). The kind of privacy you have may have an impact on the kind of sex toy you want. More ideas

10. Allergies, Multiple-Chemical Sensitivities, and Reduced Immune System Concerns

People who live with MCS and reduced immune systems usually know how to shop and take care of their needs. The most important consideration is knowing what is really in what you are using. Be very careful with store claims about products being "all natural" or other claims. More often than not the store people don't know what this means, and in some cases they offer inaccurate information about products out of their own ignorance (or a desire to sell you something more expensive). More ideas
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