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Books about Sex

Your guide to the best in erotic literature, sex how to books, and books about sexual culture, politics, and art.
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Sex Manuals
These days you can find a sex book on every imaginable niche sexual subject. The sex manuals recommended below are all general guides that cover a range of issues and sexual techniques for a broad audience. Most of the sex manuals below that are not geared to a particular gender or orientation can still be read by all, but ones that don’t say so...

Books about Masturbation
Read up on the world's most popular and least written about sexual act.

Sex Books for Couples
Deepen your sexual connection with your partner with this list of new and classic sexual exploration books for couples. From tips and techniques to delving deep into each other's erotic psyches.

Books about Orgasm
Top 10 books about orgasm, covering female orgasm, male orgasm, multiple orgasms, and more. With descriptions and links.

G Spot Books
Descriptions of important books on the history, anatomy, and practical workings of the g spot.

Sex Toy Books
If you’re looking for the newest sex toy reviews you won’t find them in any of these books. Sex toy books have a hard time keeping up with the newest companies, technologies, and materials being introduced into the market. What they do offer is a context for understanding the world of sex toys, and suppor…

Anal Sex Books
Perhaps more than other kinds of sex, anal sex requires at least a little bit of homework if you want to do it safely and pleasurably. All of the books below, arguably, tell you more than you need to know about anal sex, and you may not read any of them cover to cover. But each offers straightforward, accurate, and myth-busting information that will almost certainly increase the odds of you hav…

Books about Polyamory
Brief reviews of books on polyamory, non-monogamy, and alternative relationships.

Books about Sexual Exploration for Couples
Deepen your sexual connection with your partner for more than one night this Valentine's Day with this list of new and classic sexual exploration books for couples. From tips and techniques to delving deep into each other’s erotic psyches, make this Valentine’s Day present one that will last all year round.

Erotic Nude Photography Books
A gift guide to nude art photography books. Ten of the best collections of nude art and erotic photography covering a range of photographic and sexual styles.

The 25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written
A list of the twenty five sexiest novels ever written, as selected by editors from Playboy magazine.

Choosing Erotic Fiction
A guide to picking erotica and erotic fiction. Offers suggestions on different styles of erotic fiction, questions to ask yourself when choosing erotica, and ways to narrow down the wide range of choices available to the erotic reader.

Sex Stories
Links and recommended resources for finding, sharing, and writing sex stories online.

Top Ten Erotic Literature Picks
A gift guide to buying erotic literature. Ten of the best collections of erotic fiction over the past year.

Erotic Readers and Writers Association
Since 1996, this site has been a great place to start any search for erotica online. It includes lots of resources for erotic writers and readers.

Clean Sheets
A weekly online magazine that offers plenty of erotic fiction and poetry, plus essays on a range of sexual issues. Worth a regular visit to find out about new authors and catch up with the ones you love.

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