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Sex Stories

Find, Share, and Write Sex Stories Online


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Sex stories are almost as ubiquitous as visual pornography online. While it might be hard to imagine it (unless you’re old enough to remember it), there was a time when the Internet was used solely for text-based communications. People were sharing sex stories online way before they ever shared still or moving images of sex, and the Internet remains a great place to find and share sex stories for fun and occasionally profit. Below are some useful links and a few recommended resources for sex stories.

Sex Stories and Reviews
Your first stop should be the Erotica Readers & Writers Association website. This site, which has been online since 1996 features an extensive collection of sex stories, reviews of published sex stories, plus plenty of resources for people interested in writing and sharing their own sex stories.

Jane’s Guide is one of the longest running review websites that focuses on sexual content. It has a section for reviews of sex stories sites broken down by theme including reviews of mainstream erotic sex stories, alt/science fiction sex stories, and others.

Sex Stories Blogs
If what you really want to do is start writing sex stories and you’re not concerned with either fame or fortune, one simple way to start is to blog. Most sex blogs are really a forum for people to write their own sex stories, some of which are true, some of which aren’t, and many of which are likely somewhere in the middle. Unless you’re absolutely sure you’re fine with it, I recommend starting with an anonymous sex blog, keeping in mind that if anyone really wants to figure out who you are badly enough, it’s usually possible. There are so many sex stories blogs it’s hard to know where to start. Usually if you find one sex blog you like you’ll find a few others in that blogger’s blogroll. If you don’t know where to start, randomly check out a few of the bloggers on this particularly long blogroll from the self-titled Best Sex Bloggers blog.

Authors and Editors
When I want to check out what’s new in the world of sex stories, I start with authors whose opinions I trust. One problem with the sheer volume of sex stories online is the amount of self-aggrandizing that comes with so many of the websites, authors, and sex stories themselves. Not that an egomaniacal author can’t be a great writer of sex stories. But when I’m looking for advice, I turn to authors and editors who I know care as much about other people’s work as their own. Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian. Here is an incomplete alphabetical list of authors and editors whose work and counsel I regularly turn to in the area of sex stories:

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