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Top 10 Gift Ideas - Erotic Literature


Looking to take your sex life to a more cerebral place? Why not buy yourself a gift of erotic literature, which is something to be enjoyed a lone, or with a special friend. Read it yourself to get ideas, give it to your partner with key passages underlined, or read it to each other as a way to spark a night of sexual exploration.

1. The Merry XXXmas Book of Erotica

Edited by Alison Tyler
A fun and sexy collection of holiday themed erotic literature. A tale of friendship which ignites to passion with the help of an interfering family, good whisky, and a Santa suit. In Saskia Walker's "Rapt," two strangers share a cab into London on Christmas Eve and explore each other’s holiday packages. And in Tom Piccirilli's "Spider Monkey Loves Rudolph," a scorned screenwriter gets her revenge on an agent at a Beverly Hills Christmas party. Cleis Press. 216 pages.
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2. The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Vol. 4

Edited by Maxim Jakubowski
For quality and quantity, check out the latest volume in an excellent series of international erotic literature. These sensual and daring stories explore the erotic experience in its weird and wonderful variety-tough and tender, mainstream and far out. Featuring intimate and titillating tales of, among others, how housework proves to be more seductive than sex and how a girl's illustrated body unveils the secret of her sexual life. Carroll & Graf, 2005. 544 pages.
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3. Aqua Erotica 2

An ingenious gimmick mixed with hot erotic literature, this is a fully waterproof book, safe to take into the bath, hot tub, or out for long walks in the rain. Featuring original stories from some of today’s most erotic voices, including Mary Ann Mohanraj, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Thomas S. Roche, and others, each tale shares the idea of sexuality as a journey that starts in one place and ends in another, with infinite choices and surprises in between. Melcher Media, 2005. 192 pages.
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4. Best American Erotica 2005

Edited by Susie Bright
Considered by many to be the best annual anthology of erotic literature, Best American Erotica delivers on its promise of something for everyone. From Pulitzer Prize-winner Jane Smiley’s beautiful erotic interlude in an otherwise sordid real estate deal to Mary Gaitskill’s celebration of the unexpected ardor of one middle-aged couple, this collection covers a wide range of ages, orientations, and kinds of sex. Touchstone, 2005. 240 pages.
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5. Best Women's Erotica 2006

Edited by Violet Blue
Under a new editor, this year’s volume of erotic literature by women authors has taken a distinctly racier and more riske turn (for the better!) From American’s living abroad seducing fellow tourists, to couples on the prowl, to workplace sex encounters full of anger and passion, BWE 2006 will break through any stereotypes you might have had about women erotic writers. Cleis Press, 2005. 248 pages.
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6. Three Kinds of Asking for It: Erotic Novellas

Edited by Susie Bright
Three cutting-edge writers explore the high-wire risk of having a sexual wish come true. A suburban teenager who yearns for her middle-aged neighbor, a single man dealing with a modern-day witch, and a young woman who can’t seem to find the right sexual position are the characters in these three wonderful stories that all have room to breathe and portray sexuality as the funny, complicated, and amazing thing it really is. Touchstone, 2005. 240 pages.
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7. Sex & Laughter

Edited by Susannah Indigo
If laughter is "the shortest distance between two people," it's time for everyone to get a whole lot closer! With tales of hidden sex toys, ping-pong vampires, a few rowdy pigs, and a lot of human lust, get ready to jump in and drown in the laughter of so many talented and funny writers, including Chris Bridges, Janice Eidus, Mike Kimera, Ian Philips, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Nola Summers, and Greg Wharton. Samba Mountain Press, 2005. 200 pages.

8. Best Lesbian Erotica 2006

Edited by Tristan Taormino
Selected and introduced by Eileen Myles Whether it’s the kind of sex you like to have, to read about, or both, readers looking for kink, gender play, polyamory and hot sex between long-time lovers will all find something to turn them on in the newest volume of this best-selling lesbian series. From farm girls to police officers to butches left to their own devices, there’s likely something for you inside. Cleis Press, 2005. 328 pages.

9. Best Gay Erotica 2006

Edited by Richard Labonté
Selected and introduced by Mattilda, a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore When looking for an erotic collection to give as a gift to female friends, I’m always drawn to the Best Gay Erotica series. It’s a no-holds-barred hot man fest, and it’s not just for men to enjoy. Searing sex and good quality writing is what distinguishes this series year after year. Cleis Press, 2005. 312 pages.
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10. Flesh Unlimited : 4 Classics of Surrealist Erotica

For both the surrealist fan and the sexual cynic on your gift list, this collection of four erotic surrealist classics might be too much for some, but a wondrous goldmine for others. Apollinaire's Les Onze Mille Verges and Les Memoires d'un jeune don Juan; Louis Aragon's Le con d'Irene, and 1929 (co-written with fellow surrealist Benjamin Peret and augmented by photographs by Man Ray). Creation Books, 2005. 256 pages.

Updated January 19, 2006.

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