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Sex Book Gifts

Top Picks of Sex Books for Everyday Holiday Giving


Ecstasy Is Necessary

Book cover of Ecstasy is Necessary
Hay House
Give the gift of ecstasy this holiday season with the long awaited follow up to Barbara Carrellas' Urban Tantra. Ecstasy is Necessary is both a practical guide and an inspirational call for all of us to think more carefully and lust more deeply. Clearly written and accessible for readers with a range of sexual experiences (as well as sexual and gender identities). Carrellas is a trustworthy, quirky, and passionate teacher, and her energy comes through in this wonderful book. Hay House, 251 pages.

The Little Book of Big Penis / The Little Book of Big Breasts

Book covers for the little book of big penis and little book of big breasts
Just in time for the holidays, Taschen sex book editor Dian Hanson has managed to shrink down the size and price of two classic Taschen titles without losing any of the enormity of the subject matter. Each collection offers 192 eye popping pages of penis and breast abundance. And at $10 each, there's no need to choose between one handful or the other. Taschen, 192 pages

Best Sex Writing 2012

book cover of best sex writing 2012
Cleis Press
I think this collection has made my list every year since they introduced the series of collected non-fiction writing about sex in 2006. This year's collection is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and selected and introduced by Susie Bright, and it continues the tradition of thoughtful, funny, and sometimes insightful journalism and personal essays on topics ranging from a defense of circumcision to the activist "slut walks" to more personal essays on being gay in the military and dating with an STD. Cleis Press, 209 pages

No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics

book cover of no straight lines
The collection, edited by Justin Hall and introduced by writer/director Lana Wachowski, is an excellent and much needed beginning effort in documenting the rich history and even richer present of queer comics. A great gift for anyone interested in comics and anyone who craves LGBTQ culture, presented more or less chronologically mostly in black and white with some color reproductions. As editor Justin Hall says in the introduction, given the diversity of artists working today it's not a definitive collection, but it's sexy and joyful and difficult in parts, and definitely one to own. Fantagraphics, 304 pages
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Morning, Noon, and Night

cover of morning, noon, and night
Cleis Press
Alison Tyler has edited a collection of erotica that's sort of like an erotic version of Christian Marclay's The Clock. 24 authors each take an hour and craft an erotic fantasy geared to straight couples. From "Four a.m. Wake-Up Call" to "Three a.m. Last Call" it's a really cute concept and with 24 hours to choose from it's likely that you'll find at least a few stories that make it feel like time is standing still. Cleis Press, 244 pages
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Guide to Getting It On, 7th Edition

cover of the guide to getting it on, 7th edition
Goofyfoot Press
Nothing comes close to this 1184 page guide, now in it's 7th edition, featuring answers and suggestions for almost every conceivable sexual question and situation. Truly a labor of love, this guide is painstakingly updated by author Paul Joannides, and the newest guide features 6 new chapters and almost 200 more pages of advice on everything from sexual technique to navigating the tricky terrain of sex after you move back home. Goofy Foot Press, 1184 pages.

Sex Press: The Sexual Revolution in the Underground Press, 1965 - 1975

cover of sex press:  The Sexual Revolution in the Underground Press, 1965 - 1975
Harry N. Abrams
A good choice for the sexual historian or porn nerd on your gift list, what makes this anthology feel so luscious is the many full-page facsimiles from original US and European publications like Screw, Other Scenes, and Actuel. Vincent Berniere and Mariel Primois have compiled a fascinating collection of examples from magazines, fanzines, and underground press publications put out during the ten years between 1965 and 1975. Harry N. Abrams, 240 pages.

The New Erotic Photography Vol. 2

cover of the new erotic photography vol. 2
Sex book editor Dian Hanson has selected the 50 international photographers who are profiled in this collection, more than half of whom are new to the edition. While the focus never strays far from skinny white girls there is a range of styles and photographic propositions, and with over 400 beautifully reproduced images this would be a treat for any voyeur or erotic photography enthusiast. Taschen, 424 pages.
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Playing Well with Others

cover of plays well with others
Greenery Press
If you're looking for a way to suggest to your partner that you step out together, or step in to something kinkier in your sex lives, this may be an easy way to drop a hint and test the waters all at once. Probably of more interest to people new to thinking about exploring BDSM, sex parties, or other kinds of consensual and more public ways of being sexual together, Playing Well with Others is incredibly helpful in outlining not the techniques but the ethical and relational moves that new kinds of sexual exploration can entail. Written by Lee Harrington and Mollena Williams. Greenery Press, 312 pages.
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Naked Cartoonists: Drawers Drawing Themselves Without Drawers

cover of naked cartoonists
This is a cute idea, although to be honest most of the 70 comic artists who offer up a nude self-portrait for this collection seem to cop out with cute puns and coy illustrations that don't offer much depth or insight. Still there are a number of stand outs among this overwhelmingly white, male collection of artists. And I imagine this could be a perfect gift for the right kind of comic nerd. Edited by Gary Groth. Fantagraphics, 156 pages.
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