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Erotic Movies

Reviews and information about adult films and mainstream erotic movies and documentaries.

How to Choose Adult Movies
A guide to picking adult movies. Offers suggestions on how to choose adult movies for beginners to the world of adult entertainment.

Oral Sex Videos
Oral sex videos that both entertain and educate.

Real Sex Scenes in Movies
An annotated list of films from the 1970s to today that include actors engaging in real sex.

Best Movie Sex Scenes
The results from a survey of over 12,000 Europeans who were asked about their favorite movie sex scenes.

Feminist Pornography
A brief history of feminist pornography and an explanation of how different pornographers and writers have defined feminist porn.

History of Sexual or Erotic Films in Hollywood
A wonderful review of the history of sexual or erotic films in Hollywood.

How Real Is the Sex You See in Pornography?
Outlines the most significant differences between the sex you see on the screen in pornography, and the way non porn actors have sex.

Sex Documentaries
Sex documentaries from around the world that explore topics ranging from sex work to gender to death. With links to how to purchase or stream individual films online.

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