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Medical Fetish



Medical fetish refers to the association of strong sexual thoughts, feelings, desire and/or arousal with medical instruments, roles, and activities. A medical fetish might be limited to being aroused by watching people dressed up as medical professionals pretending to engage in medical activities, or it might include sexual fantasy role play where one is having pretend medical procedures performed on one's body. This role play may be the sum of the sexual activities, or it might involve other sexual behaviors unrelated to the medical fetish.

Like other fetishes there is no single understanding of what creates a medical fetish, whether it is related to actual experience with the medical profession or not. As with most fetishes, there is an incredible range and variation among people with medical fetishes. The focus of arousal, the thing that turns one on, may be related to a particular medical role (doctor, nurse, surgeon, anesthesiologist, etc…), an activity (medical exams, bandaging imaginary wounds, having blood pressure taken, etc…), a setting (the hospital room, an emergency clinic, an operating room), or a specific instrument or material (forceps, bandages, stethoscope).

There is little research on medical fetishes and as such it's hard to know how common they are or whether they are related to other fetishes that fixate on altering particular body parts. It is also unclear where a line should or could be drawn between fantasy role play of medical scenarios and a medical fetish. What many people who identify as having a medical fetish will say is that the line reflects both how intense the arousal is, but also that it is persistent. Someone with a medical fetish doesn't get bored of their interest, whereas someone who just wants to "play doctor" would be unlikely to be called a fetishist.

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