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Autofellatio refers to the act of performing oral sex on oneself. Almost all references to autofellatio are to men engaging in this practice not women (there is one case study involving a woman but it refers to fantasy not action). While there are no doubt many myths about people performing autofellatio, and likely thousands of doctored videos on the Internet, the practice has been documented in pornography, popular media and scientific research.

Autofellatio remains a relatively rare activity due no doubt in part to the fact that it requires an exceptionally limber body and a longer than average penis size. There are, at most, a few dozen documented case studies in psychological journals of men who could and did perform autofellatio. Based on his experience surveying sexual behaviors, sex researcher Alfred Kinsey estimated that 2 to 3 out of 1,000 men were capable, or at least admitted to practicing autofellatio.

The most recent pop culture documentation of autofellatio can be found in the documentary 101 Rent Boys in which a male sex worker demonstrates positioning for autofellatio.


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