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Sex Educator



Anyone can call themselves a sex educator. Like saying you’re a teacher, or leader, or coach, or guru, the title sex educator isn’t one that most governments regulate, certainly not in the United States. This means is that when someone calls them self a sex educator you need to ask for details.

In it's broadest definition a sex educator is someone who works with individuals, groups, or through policy development with societies, trying to educate around sexuality, sexual health, and or sexual pleasure.

A qualified sex educator should, at a minimum, have training and experience in how to teach (there is a difference between just talking and teaching); they should have undertaken an education in human sexuality and they should have received some training in how to specifically teach sexuality. They should know how to develop, create, and evaluate whatever it is they are teaching, and understand how individuals and groups learn differently.

A sex educator can work directly with the public, they can train other educators how to include sexuality into their education practice, they may write policy for governments and non-governmental organizations, they may write curriculum for others to use. A sex educator may work in a school, a hospital, a health clinic, or a for profit or not for profit organization or company.

In reality many people who call themselves sex educators and receive the most attention from the media would better be described as salespeople or entertainers. Without training of your own, the best way to know the difference is to ask about an individuals educational background, training, and work experience.

Also Known As: certified sexuality educator
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