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Sexual Surrogates


Sexual Surrogates
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A sexual surrogate, also known as a surrogate partner, is a someone who works with a sex therapist to provide a hands-on adjunct to traditional talk therapy. Sex therapists never touch clients, but a sexual surrogate will work with a client not only on things like sexual communication and social skills but also on the mechanics of sexual activities.

Sexual surrogates usually distinguish what they do from sex work although it isn't clear that state prostitution laws would make a distinction. In practice though, one significant difference between a sexual surrogate and a sex worker is that professional surrogates work as part of a team with a sex therapist and client. Another distinction may be that the surrogate has received specific training, although anyone can call themselves a sexual surrogate and there are no requirements for doing so.

The practice of sexual surrogacy never fully caught on. It reached its peak in the 1970s and 1980s and there is still one US based organization, the International Professional Surrogates Association, that offers training and certification. Some estimates put the number of surrogates working today in North American at around 25.

While training is no guarantee of professionalism, it is always recommended that a surrogate only be used when referred by a certified sex therapist or licensed therapists or counselor, and preferably when the professional has received surrogate training.


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