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The term sexologist refers to someone who says they study human sexuality. Anyone can call themselves a sexologist, you don't need any degrees or accreditation to say you're a sexologist. In this way the term sexologist can be confusing as it sound somewhat official or scientific, but in reality there are as many self-appointed "sex experts" who call themselves sexologists as there are individuals who have undergone formal study or training in human sexuality.

A sexologist might study and teach about human sexuality, or they may work directly with individuals, groups, and institutions. Among sexologists who have received formal training, many academic disciplines and professions are represented. Most academic and clinical sexologists will have at least one degree in something other than sexology, which may be psychology, medicine, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, law, gender studies, social work, etc...

The term sexologist is also popular among authors and speakers who want to make a living discussion sexuality. There is no way to know what, if any, education or experience these people bring to their work as sexologists. There is also no way of knowing whether the term sexologist is being used for genuine or merely marketing purposes. Knowing that someone is a sexologist doesn't tell you much about what they do, or how they learned to do it. The best way to find that out is to ask.

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