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All About the G Spot


The g spot has been female sexual anatomy’s cause celebre for the past several years, and interest in the g spot is showing no signs of slowing down. It’s hard to know whether the g spot fascination is coming directly from people or from the variety of industries that make money off sexual trends. Either way, it is worth getting some basic information, and resources that can help you find answers that are right for you.

The Great G Spot Debate

This is a difficult question to give a balanced answer to precisely because there is still debate about the g spot. Your family doctor might give you one answer, a “g spot sex activist” would give you another answer, and a medical researcher who has studied female sexual anatomy would give you a third answer.

Does the G Spot Exist?

Because no one really agrees on what “g spot” means, arguing its existence becomes futile since the skeptic may be using different definitions and criteria. There are several studies published in established and respected peer-reviewed journals that are relevant to the question about whether the g spot exists.

What Is the G Spot?

The g spot was named for the German physician Ernst Grafenberg who first described "an erotic zone located on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra that would swell during sexual stimulation."

Finding the G Spot

This is a common question both for those who have a g spot, and those who want to learn to stimulate them. One of the problems people have when trying to locate the g spot is that they are expecting it to be a magic button, which, once pressed, immediately delivers mind altering sexual pleasure. Sadly this only happens in old Woody Allen movies.

G Spot Vibrators

There are hundreds of sex toys designed and marketed as g spot vibrators or g spot dildos. Most sex toys that are safe for penetration, and firm enough that they won’t bend when inserted into the vagina, can be used for g spot stimulation. Whenever a sex toy is hyped, like a toy designed to stimulate the g spot, people might imagine something akin to a heat seeking missile that will search and satisfy on its own.

G Spot Books

Most general sex manuals that have been written in the past ten years include some basic information about the g spot. If you’re looking for more detailed information and you’re the kind of person who likes to read about the history and politics of sexuality, the following books will offer you more than a passing reference to how to find your g spot and what it might feel like (although most of them do that too!)

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