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Sex Tips for the Rest of Us

Short and sweet sex tips for exploring solo or partner sexual activities, feelings, and communication. Easy to follow challenges that will stretch your sexual creativity.

Desert Island Sex Picks
Imagine you could only engage in one sexual behavior for the rest of your life. What would it be? This sex tip encourages you to stop taking the kinds of sex you have for granted and think more introspectively about the role of sex in your sex life.

Stop and Go Sex Play
This sex tip is for two people and offers a way to playfully communicate about what you like and don’t like in sexual touch and activities.

Broken Sex Telephone
This tip helps you communicate what you want to a partner and do a better job of hearing them when then want to talk about sex.

Sharing Sexy Pictures and Sounds
For two or more people, this scavenger hunt sex tip is about finding and sharing sounds and images that you find arousing.

Defining Sexual Intimacy
On your own, this sex tip guides you through the process of defining sexual intimacy. It also suggests ways to share your definition with a partner.

Put on a One-Person Show
Here's a way to teach your partner the ins and outs of your sexual response while exploring (or perhaps discovering) the exhibitionist within.

Learn About Your Sexual Anatomy
Take a personal tour of your sexual anatomy and learn how to draw a map of your own sexual body.

Sexualize Something New
Follow this tip to more fully explore and appreciate your partner's body. Find new erogenous zones for both of you to enjoy.

Define Your Sexual Terms
A solo sex tip (but you can share if you want) that helps you define your sexual terms as a way of exploring your boundaries.

Write Your Sexual History
Whether it's for yourself or to share with a partner, documenting your sexual history can be an enlightening exercise in self-awareness.

Mess with your Sex Life Part 1
This sex tip could be done alone or with a partner. It's great for getting out of a sexual rut or boring routine.

Mess with your Sex Life Part 2
You know how when you're doing a big cleaning job there's a point where everything seems messier. And you have to remind yourself that you're on the way to a new kind of order. That's what this sex tip is like. But it's about sex, not cleaning.

Exploring Fantasy Through Sexual Role Play
Sex tips and tools to experiment with bringing sexual fantasies to life through erotic role play with a partner.

She Shoots...
This sex tip works alone or with a partner, and encourages a focus off of scoring on onto the act of shooting (metaphorically speaking).

Stop Having Sex in the Dark
Alone or with a partner, one way to change up your sex life it to play with lighting for different sexual scenarios and moods.

Using Breath to Explore Sex
How conscious breathing techniques can be used to increase awareness and understanding of our sexual thoughts, feelings, and physical responses.

Heat it up, Cool it down
This classic sex tip is all about playing with temperature, hot and cold.

Ask One Sex Question This Week
This tip suggests that the route to better sex may start with better questions.

Everyday Sex Talk
A sex tip for couples with some very specific homework about words and actions.

Dirty Talk Tip
Tips on relatively embarrassment-free ways to introduce the language and love and lust into your sex play.

Integrating Your Sexual Self
A solo sex tip that suggests looking inward for sexual discovery.

Reveal Something About Yourself
A sex tip that asks you to take chances with yourself and your partner by revealing sexual interests and desires that you feel some embarrassment about.

Switch It Up...With Yourself
A sex tip for one, whether your in a relationship or not. This tip is all about taking the time to explore your own body and turning masturbation into self-love.

Plan Ahead For the Holidays
How to stay sexual over the holidays and how sex can help ground you at the most stressful times.

Holiday Sexual Wishes
Instead of (or in addition to) all the holiday gifting, give the gift of desire, and share something you really want with your partner.

Sexy Halloween Ideas
Halloween may be the sexiest holiday of the year. For adults, dressing up, eating candy, getting scared, and getting down is possibly what it’s all about. Here are some tips on making the most of a sexy Halloween.

Why (and How Much) Sex Matters to You
This sex tip encourages you to think through why and how much sex matters to you, and how that may influence your current sex life.

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