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Sex Tips for the Rest of Us: Erotic Objectification

Sexualize Something New


There’s nothing like being lusted after. While sexual objectification can be a terrible thing when it is unwanted and intrusive, knowing that the mere sight or touch of our body can drive our partners to lusty distraction can be an enormous aphrodisiac (and a great ego boost).

Keeping your sex life lively and exploratory sometimes means turning that same sort of objectifying gaze on our partner and exploring not only the things that have always turned us on about their bodies, but finding new nooks and crannies of delicious territory to explore.

This sex tip asks you to embrace just this kind of sexual objectification.

Step one is to make a mental list of your favorite parts of your lover’s body. Start at the head and go right down the body to the toes. You’re going to use this list at a later date, but for now keep it to yourself.

Once you’ve come up with a few golden spots, choose an area of their body you don’t normally gravitate to. Maybe it’s the back of the legs, or under the arms, or the tips of the fingers. Maybe it’s the small of the back, or behind the ears. Wherever it is, this week make time to explore that part of your lover’s body.

You might offer to do some extra work around the house one night so they can have time for a nice long hot bath. Once they are relaxed and feeling good, take at least twenty minutes to explore your new unchartered territory. This might lead to more sex, or it could end up as a massage, or a cuddle. Approach it like something between a treasure hunt and a science experiment. You’re not only looking for areas that will make them feel good, you’re discovering the details that we sometimes miss in our rush to make sex fit into our busy lives.

Have fun!

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