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Sex Tips for the Rest of Us: Stop Having Sex in the Dark

A guide to well lit sex


Updated July 02, 2007

While no studies exist, it’s likely true that most of us have sex in the dark. I don’t mean this figuratively (although that may be true as well), I mean it literally. The romantics among us may light a candle or two, and those of us with tricky schedules or most our energy in the morning may not relate, but I think most people, whether by choice, insecurity, or habit, have sex with the lights off.

This week’s sex tip, which is a how-to of sorts, asks you to take some time and consider the exciting role lighting can play in your sex life. Whether you want to create an atmosphere of anarchy and revolution, a deserted sandy beach, or a high fashion photo shoot, lighting can add to elements of sexual fantasy, and it can also completely set the tone of a sexual encounter. You don’t need to buy expensive neon, and you don’t need to pay an electrician to discover the ways to better sex through lighting.

As always, have fun!

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