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Sex Tips for the Rest of Us: She Shoots...

Don't focus on orgasms


Many people think of sex as a goal oriented activity. And the goal, in this case, is orgasm. But, to continue the sports metaphor, there's a lot more to playing the game then racking up points.

When reaching orgasm becomes an obsession and the focus of a sexual experience so much pleasure can fall by the wayside. This kind of narrow focus can also result in feeling nervous or anxious about striking out in the bottom of the ninth. And of all the feelings it's great to have during sex, anxiety is probably not one of them.

This week's hump day sex tip is to shoot without the intention of scoring. Have sex, by yourself or with a partner, but decide before hand that no one is going to try to have an orgasm. If you do end up having an orgasm, be it a solo goal or a power play, that's okay, but the idea here is to consciously take some time to explore the parts of the game that usually escape your attention.

As always, have fun!

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