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Sex Tips for the Rest of Us: Embarrassed to Talk Dirty?

Speak sensually in a foreign tongue


The hard thing for most people who want to learn to talk dirty is getting comfortable saying the actual words.

Dirty talk usually (but not always) involves a bit of raunch. While you might be playing out a fantasy involving a molecular biologist and a computer programmer, more often than not the words that want to come out of our mouths in the heat of passion are a bit less clinical.

But most of us are raised being told certain words (about sexual body parts and sexual acts) are wrong, offensive, embarrassing, or otherwise off limits. As a result we may feel embarrassed and expect our partner to reject attempts at dirty talk.

A great way to bypass this embarrassment and free your inner cunning linguist (I'm sorry, I couldn't help it) is to try talking dirty in a language your partner doesn’t understand.

Telling your partner what you want them to do with you (or a specific part of you) may feel strange at first, but you’d be amazed how much more comfortable it feels when you know they can’t actually understand the details of what your saying.

This sex tip involves some homework. You don’t need to go out and learn an entire new language (although people have done worse things for sex). You just need to learn a few words, and something about pronunciation and you’re off to the races.

If you want to give it a try, check out these excellent About guides to pronunciation for French , German , Italian , Japanese, and Spanish. Pick a language and have some fun.

Tip: It can be hard to find "sex words" in most language classes. Look for words about the body, and experiment with those. Remember, if your partner doesn’t know the language, an ear is as good as an elbow…or somewhere a bit south of there.

Have fun!

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