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Vibrating Rings


Vibrating rings, sometimes called "vibrating penis rings" or "vibrating cock rings," provide a hands-free way to add vibration to sex play. The basic design features a ring, usually made of stretchy rubber or leather, that fits either at the base of the penis or at the base of a dildo and has a small vibrator attached to it. When turned on, the vibrator can either stimulate the person wearing the ring or, when used during intercourse, their partner. Some rings feature two motors and offer stimulation for both partners.

Difference Among Vibrating Rings

There are hundreds of different vibrating ring products available. The main differences include the material, size and power of the motor and how the ring attaches.

Most vibrating rings are made of a stretchy rubber, often a silicone/rubber mix. This material is great, because it’s both stretchy and snug. It can tear easily, though. Vibrating rings made of solid silicone and/or leather are much more durable, but they aren’t as adjustable.

Vibrator Strength and Life Span
In most cases, the larger the motor, the stronger it will feel, so the trade off is having something small and discreet versus something that packs a bigger punch (so to speak). Be aware that many vibrating rings are single-use, that is they last for 30 minutes and you can’t replace the batteries. In most cases it makes more sense to buy a model that has a removable vibrator (which allows for easy cleaning) and one where the batteries can be replaced when they die.

Attachment of the Ring
The ring may be adjustable because it’s stretchy, or it may have snaps, Velcro or some other mechanism for changing the size. When worn on a penis, most rings go around the base of the penis and in front of the scrotum. Some may fit behind the scrotum. One is not better than the other, it’s just personal preference. Some vibrating rings will have extra straps to go around the scrotum. Since the vibration is often felt through the straps, these rings do offer some added stimulation.

How to Choose a Vibrating Ring

If you’ve never used a vibrating ring before, start with an inexpensive one to see if you’ll like the sensation.

The size of the motor is less of an issue if you’re using a vibrating ring for yourself. In this case, you can position the motor exactly where you want to feel it on your body. If you are using a vibrating ring to provide stimulation for your partner during intercourse it’s a good idea to get a stronger motor and one that has a larger surface size. These toys tend to work best when the wearer is on bottom. In the missionary or rear entry sex position, the vibrator isn’t in contact with your partner long enough to make much of a difference. Vibrating rings that feature two motors may seem more cumbersome, but they often are worth it in terms of the strength of stimulation for both partners.

A note on sizing rings to penises. Most rings are designed to fit an average penis size. If you’re on the narrow or wide part of the curve, make sure to get a ring that is fully adjustable. A ring that’s too snug will be more annoying than arousing, and will probably snap easily. A ring that’s too loose will shift around.

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