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Oral Sex

Tips and techniques on oral sex including fellatio, cunnilingus, and the most common form of oral sex, kissing.

How to Kiss
There are few universal rules to kissing, but here are some basic tips on how to kiss for the anxious and uninitiated.

Oral Sex
Offering oral sex tips and techniques plus information on hygiene and safety concerns for performing and receiving oral sex.

How to Perform Cunnilingus
Tips on performing cunnilingus on a woman, also known as oral sex, giving head, and going down on a woman. Suggestions for oral sex techniques and a step by step guide.

How to Perform Fellatio
Suggestions for oral sex techniques and a step by step guide.

Advanced Fellatio Techniques
Tips on taking your fellatio techniques to the next level.

Advanced Cunnilingus Techniques
Advanced techniques for cunnilingus or performing oral sex on a woman.

Oral Sex Videos
One way to learn about oral sex techniques is by watching, check out these recommended educational videos.

Oral Sex Positions
Oral sex should not only be pleasurable for the receiver, but it should be fun and comfortable for the giver. Part of this is finding good oral sex positions that work for all parties involved.

Altering the Taste of Oral Sex
Tips on changing the taste of oral sex for men and women performing both fellatio and cunnilingus.

Is Oral Sex Risky?
Answers the question, is oral sex safer sex? What are the risks of having unprotected oral sex?

Do Foods Change the Taste of Semen?
Is it possible to alter the way semen tastes through diet or special pills?

Can You Alter Vaginal Taste?
Can you change the way oral sex on a woman tastes?

Oral Sex and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
What is the sexual risk of performing or receiving oral sex?

Images of Cunnilingus and Fellatio from Ancient Rome & Greece
These images were taken from a history paper focusing on images found in art from ancient Rome and Greece that depict cunnilingus and fellatio. They are wonderful reminders that sexual pleasure is timeless!

How to Teach a Bad Kisser
Advice for someone whose boyfriend is a bad kisser.

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