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Oral Sex

Tips on Giving and Receiving Oral Sex


Oral Sex
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While oral sex has been around probably as long as humans have had genitals and tongues, most survey data suggests that we’re engaging in more oral sex now than ever before. Some people might find that a troublesome fact, but as long as its safe and consensual oral sex has earned its seat at the table place of healthy sexual activities. Find out more about oral sex history, terminology, safety and techniques by exploring the links below.

Oral Sex Quiz
Test your baseline oral sex knowledge and pick up at least a few facts that will wow them at your next sexually charged dinner party.

Oral Sex Tips for Men
Whether you’re a newbie or just looking to raise your skill level up a notch, these fellatio tips should have him standing up and taking notice. In case you don’t own a pair yourself, don’t forget to start with a tour of male genital anatomy. There’s nothing like knowing your way around a place to make a trip more engaging. If you've got the basics covered you can skip ahead to advanced fellatio technique.

Oral Sex Tips for Women
Brush up on your cunnilingus skills and if you’re not an owner of the equipment learn a bit more about female genital anatomy. Getting a lay of the land is crucial in knowing where to set up camp (okay, these double entendres aren’t really working anymore).If you've got the basics covered, skip ahead to advanced cunnilingus technique.

Oral Sex Positions
Love oral sex but finding your patterns a bit routine? Change up your oral sex position and discover new possibilities for touch and oral sex, and if you like explore the power dynamics that underlie this intense experience of giving and receiving.

Oral Sex and STDs
If you think sharp teeth and facial hair are the most dangerous thing you’ll encounter during oral sex you need to think again. The good news is that when you know what you’re doing, oral sex can be a very low risk sexual activity.

Oral Sex Videos
If you're looking for inspiration you and straight talk about oral sex these adult sex education videos are all recommended. Ranging in quality and explicitness each of these videos adds to the oral sex discussion, and many do so in a highly arousing way.

More Oral Sex Trivia

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