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Oral Sex Videos

Reviews of Educational Videos for Adults


What makes for great oral sex is a bit of a mystery. On the one hand, sexual technique alone doesn't do it. You can have all the right moves and still have no chemistry. Plus the "right" moves for one partner will the the wrong moves for another. On the other hand, if you have no comfort performing oral sex, it probably won't be that great.

One way to improve your oral sex technique is to buy, rent, or stream an educational oral sex video. Adult sex ed videos range widely in terms of quality of information and production value, but the titles below all have something worth recommending them and are, in my opinion, the best of the bunch. There are plenty of porn videos that feature only oral sex scenes, and while they may provide inspiration and arousal, mainstream pornography usually is not the place to turn for sex education or advice.

The Expert Guide to Oral Sex, Part 1: Cunnilingus

Vivid Ed
Author Tristan Taormino has brought her passion for good sex to a new line of sex ed videos that are as arousing as they are informative. We get to sit in on a cunnlingus workshop hosted by Justine Jolie, who covers anatomy and technique and demonstrates with her fingers, mouth, and sex toys on a partner. With Taormino offering narration, we also learn from two couples, both of whom demonstrate real connection and a wonderful range of cunnlingus styles and skill. If you're comfortable with watching explicit sex, you simply won't do better than the Expert Guide Series. Viewers can choose to watch with or without the instruction, making these titles multi-purpose.

The Expert Guide to Oral Sex, Part 2: Fellatio

Vivid Ed
Taormino proves that she'll go the extra mile to give viewers the information they actually want by covering topics never before addressed in oral sex videos. Here, in addition to some breathtakingly erotic scenes, Taormino talks about the differences between men with and without foreskins, and even shows us guys with regular looking penises when they are flaccid (something so unusual in adult videos that you’ll be shocked at first to see it). Touching on anatomy, basic and advanced technique (including a discussion of deep throating, swallowing, and power play in fellatio), Taormino hosts while the action is demonstrated with the help of four couples, each focusing on a different fellatio style and technique.

Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Advanced Fellatio

I'm waiting for Taormino to round out the series with an advanced cunnilingus, but it's nice to see her and her crew back to offer an expanded repertoire of oral sex techniques including prostate stimulation, rimming, and safer ways to explore more power play in oral sex. As with all Taormino's videos for Vivid, Advanced Fellatio is part erotic film and part instruction, and you can choose which to watch. And as with all her films the cast is chosen for their love of their work and enthusiasm for particular partners.

Better Oral Sex Techniques

Sinclair Intimacy Institute
Sinclair Intimacy Institute has been producing adult sex education videos for years. Their titles all contain good information that is delivered in an organized and easy to follow way. This title may be more recommended for those who want to ease into the subject a little slower, as even the demonstrations have a more clinical and formal feel. It also spends more time talking about psychological barriers to enjoying oral sex than the other titles. Better Oral Sex Techniques offers tips and suggestions for both fellatio and cunnlingus. If you're worried about seeing "too much," this may be the one for you. The flip side is that it’s not quite enough for many.

Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Oral Sex DVD

Adam and Eve Productions
Former porn star (and former registered nurse) Nina Hartley popularized the style of combining verbal sex instruction and explicit demonstrations, and her Advanced Guide to Oral Sex is no exception. Hartley talks to the camera explaining aspects of anatomy, technique, and sexual communication, and intersperses these segments with demonstrations on individuals and between couples. There isn't the same breadth or depth as in the Expert Guide series, but the tips and techniques are all good, and the energy between Hartley and her students is definitely fun. Not recommended for people who are uncomfortable with explicit sex.
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