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Personal Lubricants

What's the best lubricant? Are all lubricants safe to use for all purposes? Answers to all your questions about personal lubricants plus a guide to picking the best personal lubricant for you.

Lubricants That Changed the World
Sex lubricants that changed world by making a mark in terms of quality, design, functionality and marketing.

Anal Sex Lubricant
When it comes to anal sex, all lubricants are not created equal. What to look for in an anal sex lube, specific recommendations, and product reviews.

Silicone Lubricant Stain Removal
Tips on how to get silicone lubricant stains out of fabric, clothing, and bedding.

Personal Lubricants
Everything you ever needed to know about personal lubricants to help you find the right lube for you. Links to reviews, safety of lube, and where to buy.

Water Based Lubricants
Explains the difference between water based lubricants, including consistency, ingredients, and how long different water based lubricants last.

Silicone Based Lubricants
Explains the difference between silicone based personal lubricants, including consistency, ingredients, and quality differences.

Paraben Free Lubricants
List of water based and silicone based personal lubricants that are paraben free, with links to where to purchase paraben free lube.

Glycerin Free Lubricants
Recommended glycerin free personal lubricants, with links to reviews and where to buy glycerin free lube.

Safety of Parabens in Personal Lubricants
Answers to three important questions: What are parabens, why are they in your lubricant, and should you care?

Using Lubricants While Trying to get Pregnant
Explains how lubricants can harm sperm and make conception more difficult.

Sex Toy Lubricants
Recommended lubricants for use with all kinds of sex toys.

Water Based Lubricants
Reviews of popular water based lubricants

Silicone Lubricant Reviews
A list of the most popular silicone lubricants with links to reviews and comparison shopping guides.

Do Lubricants Cause Yeast Infections?
What we know and don't know about the relationship between personal lubricants and yeast infections.

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