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Anal Sex Lubricant

What’s a Good Lubricant for Anal Sex?


A good lubricant is essential for safe and pleasurable anal sex. Most lubricants you find at a drug store will do the job, but some lubricants are better for anal sex than others. Good anal sex lubricant should have a thicker consistency and long lasting formulation.


Some lubricants that are marketed specifically for anal sex should be avoided. These are lubes that contain desensitizing ingredients, topical anesthetics that are meant to mask the pain. But if you’re feeling pain during anal sex, you want to know about it! Below is a list of recommended anal sex lubricants, most of which you can find at better sex shops and online drug stores.

Astroglide Gel

Almost identical in ingredients to the original Astroglide, Astroglide Gel was made specifically for people wanting a thicker lube and for kinds of sex play that require a lubricant that will stay where you put it. Water based and condom compatible, Astroglide Gel is only available in one size and has a flip top. Astroglide Gel contains both glycerin and parabens.

Aneros Marksman Lubricant Shooters

aneros marksman lubricant shooteres
What makes this lubricant unique is not so much its formulation but its delivery mechanism. Aneros Marksman “shooters” are in single-use packages that have a long thin neck meant to be inserted in the anus to deliver the lubricant directly into the anal canal. They are easy to use (and because they are single use, even easier to clean up) and perfect for anal sex. The drawbacks are that they are a bit more expensive and not practical for other kinds of sex play. Aneros Marksman Lubricant is glycerin free, but does contain parabens.


Probe Personal Lubricant
Davyran Labs
Probe has a loyal following and is one of the most uniquely textured water-based lubricants on the market. It is thick but has a stringy consistency, almost like saliva. This makes Probe a bit messier than other lubes but those who love it don’t mind this, and say they prefer it. Probe contains glycerin but is paraben-free and uses grapefruit seed extract as a preservative.


maximus personal lubricant
Early to Bed
Made in the UK, Maximus is the thickest water-based lubricant on the market. It's is great for anal sex as it won’t easily slide off toys or gloved fingers, and for a water-based lubricant it lasts a long time. Maximus is also good for other kinds of sex play. The main drawback to Maximus is it’s bitter taste. Available in a convenient pump bottle. Maximus is glycerin free, but does contain parabens.

Mixing Silicone and Water-Based Lubricants

In many ways, silicone-based lubricants are idea for anal sex as they last much longer than water based lubes, but are condom compatible (unlike oil-based products). The only drawback to silicone lubricants is that they tend to be very thin, making them less convenient for slower sex play like anal sex. If you don’t want to use oil-based lubricants one trick is to buy a water-based lubricant and add some silicone lubricant to it. You have to experiment with the proportions (I suggest starting at about 4 to 1 and working up) but when you find the sweet spot you end up with a thick lubricant that lasts a long time. Remember not to use your hybrid lube on silicone toys as it may destroy them.
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