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Isn’t polyamory just a Latin word for cheating


Question: Isn’t polyamory just a Latin word for cheating

Absolutely not (plus, apparently polyamory is both Latin and Greek). One of the most important distinctions between polyamory and “cheating” is that polyamorous relationships are based on open, honest communications.

Cheating usually refers to having sex with someone who isn’t your partner when you are in a monogamous relationship. But the tricky thing about most monogamous relationships is that partners rarely talk openly and honestly about their feelings and desires regarding sex outside a relationship. On the surface, monogamy is understood to mean you’ll never have sex with anyone other than your partner. In reality many people have casual sex, or end up temporarily swinging, or simply “make a mistake” and relationships continue.

Polyamory is fundamentally different from this approach, as it requires partners to talk about all aspects of their relationships, what they want, how they feel, and what their specific expectations are. Ideally, partners in a polyamorous relationship will also be respectful of the fact that needs and desires change over time, and relationship “rules” must be flexible.

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