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Readers Share Their Sex Advice, Stories, and Sex Tips

Each of us can be the best expert on our own sexuality. The more we know about our own sexual experience, the more we can share with others looking for sex advice and tips. Read what other people have to say about what works and what doesn't in their sex lives, and share your own ideas and experiences below.

What's Your Definition of Sex?
Sex can be defined a thousand ways, and there’s no single answer to what sex is. But having a personal definition and sharing it with others is a good place to start to get more of what you want sexually, however you define it. What’s your definition of sex? What's your answer?

Best Sex Positions
All sex positions are not created equal. Our readers share their opinions on the best and worst sex positions. Learn from others and share your tips.

What Is Great Sex?
Great sex can be hard to quantify. Is it the best orgasm you’ve had? The most intimate connection? Is great sex the same as hot sex? Can you have great sex with someone you barely know? Share your definition.

When Sex Goes Bad
What makes for bad sex? Are there things you’ve done that in retrospect you think reduced your chances of getting what you wanted sexually? There are few absolutes when it comes to sex, but most of us have learned a thing or two about what doesn’t work when it comes to setting the mood or getting what we want. Share your story.

Sex Toy Travel Tips
Some sex toy travelers only have themselves to blame. But more often, unfeeling, confused or embarrassed security personnel are at fault when your trip with sex toys goes bad. There are things you can do to make sure taking your vibrator or sex toy with you on a flight won't result in losing your toy -- or your privacy. Share your stories -- good, bad and ugly -- of traveling with your sex toys.

When Does Sex Become a Problem?
Sex researchers, educators, and therapists have surprisingly different definitions of what makes a sexual problem a problem. How do you define sexual problems in your own life? What turns a sexual complaint, confusion, or inconvenience into a sexual problem?

How Do You Define Sexual Compatibility?
There’s no single definition for sexual compatibility, and researchers rarely ask us what we think it means. Is sexual compatibility something you just have or don’t? Is it shared sexual interests and drives that grease the wheels, or is it the tension between desires that don’t fit perfectly that creates the friction and heat? What do you think?

Sex Positions to Avoid Pain
Most of us don’t think about sex positions until they don’t work anymore. If you live with temporary or chronic pain, or are experiencing painful sex for another reason, finding the right sex position is crucial to enjoying sex. Share your ideas on pain-free (or at least pain-reduced) sex positions for solo sex, intercourse, and all kinds of sex play.

Does Circumcision Affect Your Sex Life?
Are you circumcised and/or have you had sex with someone who is? There is a lot of social baggage and hotly contested politics, not to mention a growing body of medical research, about the pros and cons of circumcision. But when it comes to your real experience of sex as a circumcised person, with someone who is circumcised, or both, what’s your...

Your Favorite Vibrator
As vibrators become more popular the options continue to grow, and it’s hard to know where to begin your vibrator journey. We can all take something away from other people’s experiences, so share your vibrator reviews and wisdom, and tell us which vibrators are your favorites and why.

Tell Us About Your First Sex Toy Experience
Readers share their stories about buying their first sex toy.

How I Stopped Worrying About Penis Size
Tips from readers on how they learned to stop worrying about penis size and feel good about the size of their penis. See submissions

What Does Sex Feel Like?
Readers describe what sex feels like.

How I Dealt with Sexuality During Cancer
Stories from readers on how they experience and express their sexuality after a diagnosis and during treatment for cancer. See submissions

Embarrassing Sexual Stories
Best, worst, and cringe worthy stories from readers about embarrassing sexual encounters. See submissions

How Important Is Sex
Readers describe the importance of sex in their lives

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction
Read stories from other readers and share your own experience of living with erectile dysfunction.See submissions

Dealing with Sexual Shame
Stories from readers about dealing with and working through sexual shame. See submissions

Condom Reviews
Readers review their favorite and least favorite condoms.

Is Monogamy the Best Option?
Readers share their thoughts on monogamy, and whether or not monogamy is the best model for romantic and sexual relationships.

What Counts as Cheating in a Relationship?
Share your thoughts and read other reader's beliefs about what constitutes cheating in a committed relationship.

Household Items You Have Used for Sex
Readers share tips about turning household items into instruments of erotic pleasure.

Work From Home Sex Tips - Readers Ideas for Keeping Your Sex Life Alive When...
Readers share their tips for keeping your sex life healthy and happy when you work from home.

Parents Experience of the Sex Talk - Talking With Kids About Sex
Readers share their tips on what works and what doesn't when talking with your kids about sex and trying to educate them about sexuality.

Your Sex Tips and Tricks
Readers share their favorite sex tips and techniques.

Best and Worst Sex Education Stories
What are your best and worst memories of sex education? Share your story and read others stories about the good, the bad, and the ugly times learning about sex.

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