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Sex Education & Seeking Sexual Help

Information on sex education and different ways to find help for sexual concerns, sexual problems, and sexual dysfunction. Places to find sex advice, sex therapy, sex education, and sex information for adults wanting to expand their sexual options and understanding.
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  4. Sex Educator FAQ (7)

Sexuality Helping Professions
What's the difference between a sex therapist and sex educator? How about a sex researcher and sexologist? This article describes different kinds of sex professionals and how their work is defined.

Sex Educator Continuing Education
A discussion of the difficulty in staying open to learning as a sex educator, and the importance of continuing education both personally and professionally.

How Do I Find a Sexual Health Clinic?
Find a sexual health clinic in your area.

Sex Workshops
Many sex stores and private groups run sex workshops for adults that focus on learning specific sexual skills or practices (e.g. oral sex, BDSM, tantra). Find out if there is a location in your town offering sex workshops.

What Is Good Sex Education?
Lists the essential elements of any good sex education material or program.

Bad Education
I’ve been disappointed with my experience going to sex workshops at local sex shops. How can I tell if a sex workshop is going to be good?

How to find a sex positive doctor
Tips from Ducky Doolittle on how to find a sex positive physician.

American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors Therapists
An online referral directory for sex therapists and educators who are certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

Bisexuality-Aware Professionals Directory

The Bisexuality-Aware Professionals Directory is a listing of professionals who are sensitive to the unique needs of bisexual clientele.

Professionals listed include psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians, lawyers, financial advisors, massage therapists, social workers, chiropractors, lecturers, organizers, and others.

Erectile Dysfunction Help
Where to turn for help with erectile dysfunction questions and concerns.

Erectile Dysfunction Forums
How to find erectile dysfunction forums, or any online spaces to talk with others who have experienced or are experiencing erectile dysfunction.

World Sexual Health Day
September 4th is World Sexual Health Day. Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate.

World AIDS Day
December 1st is World AIDS Day. What are you doing?

Have You Ever Tried to Burn a Condom?
A reflection on the Poster/VIRUS Litany for Burning Condoms written by Chaplin Christopher Jones and Ted Kerr.

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