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Senior Sexuality

Resources and information for seniors about aging and sexuality. Find out about common physical, psychological, and emotional changes that accompany aging and may impact your sexuality, as well as resources on where to find more information and support about having a positive sexuality as you age.
  1. More on Senior Sexuality

Books on Sex and Aging
Recommended reading on sex and aging.

Sex and Aging
Resources and information about aging and sexuality, including how our bodies change as we age, how our thoughts and feelings change as we age, and places to find more information about sex and aging.

Physical Sexual Changes and Aging
Discussion of how our bodies may change as we age, and the impact these changes can have on our sexuality.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness
Describes the most common causes of vaginal dryness, with links to more information on medications that may cause vaginal dryness, and treatment options for vaginal dryness.

Treatments for Vaginal Dryness
Describes different options for treating vaginal dryness.

Vaginal Dryness Affects Seniors
Information on vaginal dryness from About.com's Guide to senior health.

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