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How Much Do Sex Educators Get Paid?


Question: How Much Do Sex Educators Get Paid?

Becoming a sex educator is not a good way of getting rich. So if making a lot of money is important, stay away from sex education. In fact many sex educators (including most of the ones I know) make part of their living by doing other kinds of teaching or education work and aren’t full time sex educators.

How much you make as a sex educator will depend on many things, including:

  • how much education you have, specifically the highest degree earned (the reality is that people who can afford more education usually end up making more money)
  • how much professional experience you have and where you got it
  • the financial stability and resources of the place you’re working
An entry-level sex educator in a community agency like Planned Parenthood might start at $25-30,000. A manager at a well-funded agency could be making $60,000 or more, and an executive director at a national organization my make over $100,000. But most don’t.

Most organizations are under funded, and the people who love doing front line education almost always make less than administrators who focus on fundraising, policy development, etc…

Sex educators who have been working for, say, 10+ years and have a good reputation will often make the bulk of their living from well-paid, occasional consultancies or professional development training. An experienced trainer might charge anywhere from $1000-$4000 for a day of training. Of course they will usually only have a few days like that each year, and much of their time is spent chasing down work, or doing other work for considerably less money.

While it would be nice if all sex educators could make a living wage doing what they love, the good news is that the work is important, it’s needed, and if it’s calling you then you will likely find it incredibly rewarding. Because sexuality touches every aspect of our lives, as a sex educator you are often given the unique opportunity to be with people at painful and powerful moments of change. It’s heady stuff, and in my experience, 100% worth it.

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