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What Is Sex Tech?


Question: What Is Sex Tech?

Sex tech can refer to all the ways we use technology to explore sex -- real or virtual, solo or partnered, acted out or in fantasy alone. Sex tech might involve humans or it might be a fantasy where all that’s happening is hot tech-on-tech action. In this way, sex tech can be differentiated from human computer sexual interactions, as it may not involve people (except in the creation of it).

All technology is transformed by human intention. Tech can be amazing. But it is our engagement with it, our channeling of passion and desire through it that fully animates any kind of technology. It may or may not be true to say that technology makes it more likely we’ll have sex but it is true that technology increases our opportunities for sexual interactions if we’re open to it.

The mainstream media and mental health professionals tend to put sex and technology in opposition, creating conflict even when it may not exist. One of the many drawbacks of this approach is that it makes it difficult to understand how sex and tech interact with each other in ways that can be healthy and unhealthy.

What’s useful about the term sex tech is that it brings technology to the foreground in a way that allows it to share the stage with sexuality without suggesting one always drives the other. If you’re interested in learning more about sex tech, some common questions and answers are below.

What is the History of Sex Tech?

Who was the first person to use technology to get more sex? Did it work back then any better than it does today?

Does Technology Change the Way We Have Sex?

How do sex and technology influence each other? Is it possible to determine whether technology is changing the way we have sex or whether we create new technologies to have the sex we really want?

Examples of Sex Tech

What qualifies as sex tech? If so many things can be considered sex tech, should we even distinguish sex tech from sex without tech?

Is Tech Ruining Sex?

Is technology turning us into porn addicts and unfeeling automatons? Will sex with robots make sex with humans obsolete? The answer to this question depends a lot on how much you subscribe to different sex tech myths.

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