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Sex Quizzes

Test Your Sexual Knowledge


Whether you’re looking to freshen up your dinner party conversation or doing homework in anticipation of some new sexual exploration, taking these informative and fun sexual quizzes is a great way to reward yourself for what you know, and find out the all important holes in your personal sexual knowledge.

Sex Positions Quiz
Do you know the difference between a reverse cowgirl and a diving butterfly? Are there sex positions mentioned in the Bible? Take our quiz and find out.

Sex Toys Quiz
Can you name the world’s first sex toy (and its presumed date of origin?)? Ease your mind with our sex toy quiz.

Masturbation Quiz
We promise no philosophical masturbation questions (what’s the sound of one hand clapping?), but you'll find plenty of important and often overlooked facts about what might be the world’s most popular sexual activity.

Orgasm Quiz
From the art of faking it, to who can and can’t have multiples, learn what you need to know about orgasm for yourself and the people you love.

Oral Sex Quiz
What percentage of people think oral sex doesn’t count as real sex? And is it true what they say about pop rocks and oral sex? Find out the answers to these and other pressing questions.

Vibrator Quiz
Did Cleopatra really have a box of bees? Who uses vibrators more -- people who are single or those in relationships? Perhaps most importantly, can you actually become addicted to your vibrator? Get real answers to the questions buzzing in your head.

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