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Sexual Compatibility

What Goes Into Sexual Compatibility?


Sexual Compatibility
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There isn’t a simple or objective measure of sexual compatibility in humans. Instead sexual compatibility is usually evaluated based on how much an individual perceives or feels themselves to be “in tune” with their partner across a number of issues.

Sexual compatibility can be an interesting way of exploring your own and your partners’ sexual interests, beliefs and values. But a word of caution. If you’re worried about actual or potential sexual compatibility, start by asking yourself why. The media and the self-help industry (to name but two influences) encourage us to evaluate ourselves and partners using arbitrary measures often without a rational for doing so. If you’re happy in your sexual relationships, chances are your compatible with your partners. If you’re unhappy, sexual compatibility is but one way to think about what might be going on.

Are We Sexually Compatible?

How do you begin to define something like sexual compatibility? What’s more important, how often you want sex, what kind of sex you like, or what having sex means to you? And how are different aspects weighted? There’s no one answer, but here are eight aspects of sexual compatibility to get you thinking.

Can You Develop Sexual Compatibility?

Is sexual compatibility something you just have with a person? Or is it something you can develop over time? Looking at research on sexual compatibility you might start to think that it’s just another term for sexual satisfaction, as those who rank high one usually rank high on the other. Find out more about the difference between so-called natural compatibility and what comes from a little erotic excavation.

We’re In Love, but Incompatible. Now What?

What if you’ve got everything you want in a relationship except the sex? Is it a case of fundamentally incompatible libidos? Tips on what you can do to deal with sexual incompatibility in an otherwise great relationship.
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