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Sexual Myths

Debunking Common and Persistent Sexual Myths


Unlike generalizations, which are often based on a kernel of truth or genuine observation, some of our most common sexual myths -- including myths about sexual desires, behaviors, and gender -- are completely baseless and wholly inaccurate. Nonetheless, these myths about sexuality persist to the detriment of us all. Let the debunking begin:

9 Lies We’re Told About Sex
It’s up to you whether you consider sexual myths to be accidental cultural artifacts or intentional attempts to mislead. When it comes to these nine sexual myths I can’t help but feel like I’ve been lied to my entire life.

Myths About Sex and Technology
Have you heard that the Internet is turning all of us into sexual predators and porn addicts? Are you waiting for the moment when robot sex makes finding a human partner obsolete? As long as we've had technology we've had fears about it being the ruin of all that is great and "natural" about being human. And when it comes to sex and technology the fear ignites into panic.

Sex Toy Myths
Worried about vibrator addiction? Wondering if you’ll ever be able to have “normal” sex again after your love affair with that dildo? Your anxiety may not disappear, but hopefully it will lessen after reading the truth about the multitude of myths that surround sex toys.

Masturbation Myths
Some of the oldest sex myths in existence are about masturbation. You probably already know it won’t hurt your eyesight, make your palms grow hairy, or lead to insanity. But you may still be holding on to a few of the more insidious myths about masturbation. Why not let go of those and free your hands for something more pleasurable?

Sexuality and Disability Myths
If you think that myths about sexuality and disability don’t apply to you, you might be surprised by how the myths about one group of people are easily transferred onto any other group, including a group you may find yourself in now.

Premature Ejaculation Myths
Myths about premature ejaculation are closely tied to myths about male sexuality in general. What makes them all the more harmful is that many of these myths only serve to worsen a problem so many men face and so few understand.

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