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B.J. and Abby Jackson – Building a Sexual Life Together after Combat

An Interview with B.J. and Abby Jackson about Sexuality Post-Combat


B.J. and Abby Jackson – Building a Sexual Life Together after Combat
Photo courtesy of B.J. & Abby Jackson

Can you describe the panel you did for the Road to Recovery Conference, and what you hope the goal of your work will be?

B.J.: We thought the panel was a great idea. It’s a subject nobody wants to talk about. To have a whole panel of people standing up there and answering questions about disability and sex -- it’s something that no one wants to cover. It’s perfect. As soon as Abby mentioned that she’s willing to openly and honestly talk about sex, people just ran up to her and [started] asking her questions. The panel was amazing. The panel that was set up by us was so service members could feel more comfortable. When we’re first injured we feel like outsiders to the world. But when we get together everybody is the same: We’re all messed up! I was a little uncomfortable at first, and Abby pointed out I was blushing, but I’m used to her throwing curve balls and I’ve learned to deal with it. It definitely makes for more excitement at these conferences.

It means a lot to Abby and I to help others in anyway that we can (even if it's uncomfortable for me!). Times have changed and the more education about things, the less people are prejudice to them.

Abby: The more we can get people to realize that everyone is different in some way, shape, or form, the more accessible society itself will be. There are so many newly injured or recently injured people in the last couple of years who are coming back that this could be like the Baby Boom era. There’s so many of them that they could have such a positive impact.

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