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What’s the Best Vibrator?

Tips on finding the vibrator that’s best for you


The “best” vibrator is simply the one that’s best for you, that’s a good fit with what you want to do and how you like stimulation. Finding the vibrator that’s best for you involves asking a lot of questions, and experimenting with vibrators. The only way to know what’s best for you is to try it out. Keep in mind that the “best” vibrator for you now may be very different later in life, or if you’re using it with a partner, or a different partner. Here are some of the major questions to ask yourself when trying to find the right vibrator, along with key vibrator differences that should help you find the vibrator that’s best for you.

What do I want my vibrator to do?

The easiest way to choose a vibrator is to think about what you want to do with it. Most people use vibrators for external stimulation (women use them on or around the clitoris, and men use them either on the head or shaft of the penis and around the scrotum). But some people like to use vibrators for penetration. If you’re not sure what you like you may want to choose a vibrator that can be good for both.
Questions and answers to help you choose the best vibrator based on function.

How much do I want to spend on my vibrator?

Another way to ask this question is what is more important to you, quality or price. If you’re buying your first vibrator, I recommend starting with something simple and inexpensive. The only way you’re going to discover what you like is by trying them, and you can end up with a $200 vibrator that you only use once simply because its not your taste.
Tips to help you choose the best vibrator based on quality and price.

Could I have any negative physical reactions to my vibrator?

The best vibrator for you is obviously one that won’t cause you harm. There are a few different physical reactions people can have to vibrators, if any of these are concerns, be sure to ask more about them before you buy a vibrator:

Is this my first or my thirty-first vibrator?

If this is your first time buying a vibrator I recommend going simple and inexpensive (given all the above considerations, some of which might rule out less expensive vibrators). But if you’re a vibrator connoisseur, you may not be looking for another multi-purpose vibrator, but instead something that you only pull out on special occasions.

Try a new material, or shape, or style of vibration. Consider what’s missing from your collection, and if you’re dealing with a knowledgeable salesperson don’t be shy, let them know what’s worked and what hasn’t, they may surprise you with the perfect toy you’ve been missing.

Are there people who might find or hear my vibrator? What’s my privacy situation?

When looking for the best vibrator, you’re going to want to consider your privacy requirements. Whether you have inquisitive kids, thin walls, nosey neighbors, or you’re expecting house guests, you may want to choose your vibrator based on two keys of vibrator privacy:
  • Sound level of the vibrator
  • What your vibrator looks like
That huge penis like cyber skin vibrator may be what you’re craving, but if you have no safe place to keep you vibrator from prying eyes, you may want to opt for any one of the number of discrete vibrators you can find these days that look like lipstick, hand blenders, or just art objects.

In terms of noise level, soft rubber battery vibrators are almost always quieter than hard plastic vibrators. Coil style electric vibrators are also virtually silent as they don’t have motors in them to make noise, and they have the benefit of strong vibrations and long life of an electric vibrator.

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