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Sex Toy Product Reviews

Reviews of the newest, best, worst, and oddest sex toys available today. Including reviews on vibrators, dildos, lubricants, anal toys, massage oils, erotic games, and more. With tips on the best places to shop, the places to avoid, dangerous sex toys, and how to play safe with your sex toys.
  1. Personal Lubricant Reviews (15)
  2. Vibrator Reviews (35)

Tenga Eggs Masturbation Sleeve
Sex toy product review of the Tenga Eggs Masturbation Sleeve. Includes pros and cons of the Tenga Eggs Masturbation Sleeve, suggestions of who it would and would not be good for, and things to watch out for when using the Tenga Eggs Masturbation Sleeve.

Vibrator Reviews
Should vibrator reviews ever guide you in your choice of which vibrator to buy? After all, what could be more subjective than choosing a vibrator? I’m very picky about vibrators, but also believe that the only bad vibrator is a dangerous vibrator . Even the most poorly made and ill conceived vibrator can give you plea

Ride On Penile Prosthesis/Male Strap On
A review of the Ride On a multi-purpose penile prosthesis and male strap on from Vixen Creations.

Inexpensive Sex Toys
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun with sex toys. Inexpensive sex toys don’t deliver less pleasure, they usually just have a shorter lifespan than better quality sex toys.

The Fleshlight
A review of the popular male sex toy The Fleshlight.

Kegel Exercise Products
Reviews of products designed for Kegel exercises.

G Spot Vibrators
A review of vibrators for g spot stimulation.

Choosing a Lubricant For Sex – Review of Personal Lubricants Water ...
A guide to picking the best personal lubricant for you. Describes the difference between silicone and water based sex lubricants, how long lubricants last, and suggestions and advice for choosing a lubricant that’s right for you.

Aneros Prostate Massager
A review of the classic prostate massager, the Aneros.

Two Dildo
A review of the Two Dildo by Wet for Her. Includes pros and cons of the Two Dildo, suggestions of who it would and would not be good for, and things to watch out for when using the Two Dildo.

Tenga Flip
A review of the Tenga Flip, a unique sex toy for penile stimulation.

LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle
A review of the Flickering Touch Massage Candle, a soy-based candle that produces a warm oil for massage.

Femani Intimates Wand Massager Dilator Review
A review of the Femani Wands, a series of vibrators designed to be used as vaginal dilators.

Intimate Basics Dilator Set
This basic dilator set is available at a budget price, but is it the right product for you?

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