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Tenga Flip

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Tenga Flip Sex Toy

The Bottom Line

The Tenga Flip is a marvel of design and engineering, delivering an unparalleled non-vibratory sexual experience that can literally change each time you use the toy. Easy to use, easy to clean, durable, and intense, the Flip isn't cheap, but it's well worth the investment. The Tenga Flip is a toy that you won't likely tire of anytime soon.


  • Snug fitting but stretchy, provides intense stimulation suitable for a wide range of penis sizes.
  • Internal design provides multiple kinds of stimulation (ribs, bumps, suction, friction, pressure).
  • Easy to clean, the case doubles a convenient drying rack.
  • Non-representational design is more accessible and versatile, imposing less on desire or fantasy.
  • Durable material, the textured sleeve doesn't wear down after only a few uses.


  • High quality materials and superior design also mean higher price, out of reach for some.
  • To benefit from the full functionality, the user needs to be able to grasp the toy with one hand.


  • The all-in-one design has no removable sleeve, the chamber is hinged on the bottom and opens up to apply lubricant and for easy cleaning.
  • The chamber slides into a hard plastic case for use. The case can also be used to dry the toy after cleaning.
  • ABS plastic case and elastomer lining are latex and phthalate-free.
  • The Tenga Flip comes with three samples of Tenga branded lubricant, with varying consistencies from thing to thick.

Guide Review - Tenga Flip

Tenga has established itself as a company focused on making well designed, durable, and aesthetically pleasing sex toys specifically for stimulating the penis. The Tenga Flip is their greatest achievement to date and represents a significant improvement over most sex toys for men, and an important addition to the few already great toys out there.

Tenga should be congratulated first for being one of the only companies to insist that a sex toy doesn't need to mimic the human body. In fact when designers free themselves from the constraints of replicating body parts that already exist, they discover a world of creative options to deliver unique stimulation and sensation to sex toy users. The designer embraced this in the Tenga Flip, and the results are amazing.

The internal sleeve is designed with six different chambers, each shaped and positioned in a way to produce a different sensation. On the outside of the Flip there are three large plastic buttons. When the user presses down on the button nearest the opening, they are pressing down on an internal orb that in turn presses down on the shaft of the penis, creating both a snugger fit at the opening of the toy, and also more intense pressure as the penis slides in and out of the Flip. The middle button, when pressed, creates an intense and significant vacuum effect in the chamber, drawing the penis into the Flip even as the user pulls out. When the user presses down on the button closest to the end of the Flip the effect is to soften the entire interior chamber. Lubricant that was applied before use can also flow more freely up and down the length of the toy, and the effect feels wetter, squishier, than when either of the other buttons are pressed.

Most sex toys advertise themselves as versatile, or offer multiple functions that change the way the toy feels. Few, if any, deliver quite like the Tenga Flip. The three different sensations created by the design of the interior chamber provide completely different experiences, and by holding the Tenga in different places you can change the sensation during one use, and from one use to the next.

Of course none of the three buttons need to be played with, and on it's own the Tenga Flip still provides luscious stimulation. The thoughtful design means that once the lubricant is applied (this is done easily by opening up the toy and applying lube to both sides of the chamber) it doesn't leak out, nor does any ejaculate leak out during use. Once you're finished with the toy it can be easily put under a tap and cleaned out in less than a minute, with or without soap. Because the toy opens up all the way there isn't a problem missing spots, and once you've washed the inside, the outer case becomes a stand that allows the toy to air dry.

There are currently two models available. The black model is advertised as being a bit of a snugger fit.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by Tenga. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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