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Pjur Silicone Based Lubricant

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Good Vibrations

The Bottom Line

Like other silicone based lubricants Pjur never dries up, is condom compatible, and has a unique slick feel that covers the skin. It feels like an oil, but it isn’t. Pjur is a higher end silicone lubricant and has a silkier feel than others which can feel thin and even a bit gritty. Ultimately the choice between water based and silicone based lubes is a personal one, but if you like silicone based lubricants, you’ll probably like Pjur.


  • Pjur is long lasting and requires much less per application than water-based lubricants.
  • It is a better quality silicone lubricant, with a smoother consistency.
  • Glycerin-free and paraben-free, safer for people prone to yeast infections and skin sensitivities.
  • Doesn't come off in the water, can be used for sex in the water.


  • Distinctly bad “chemically” taste.
  • Requires soap to remove completely.
  • Very thin consistency may be trickier for sex toys and anal play.
  • Most silicone lubricants stain sheets.
  • Cannot be used with silicone sex toys.


  • Silicone based, condom compatible, but incompatible with silicone sex toys.
  • Available in two formulations (light and regular).
  • Available in several sizes.
  • Cap screws off, squeeze bottle for dispensing.
  • Pjur does not contain spermicide.
  • Pjur is glyercin-free and paraben-free.

Guide Review - Pjur Silicone Based Lubricant

Pjur is one of the oldest silicone based lubricants made specifically for sex play. It has a very lush feeling to it. While the consistency is very thin it feels smooth and slick, not watery at all. When it is applied it almost feels like it is coating the skin, and it makes everything glide. This feeling may not be for everyone, and if you are used to a water based lubricant you might not like it at first (or you might not like it at all).

The manufacturer claims that silicone lubricants don’t absorb in the skin and are less likely to cause any sort of contact reaction than water based lubricants. In addition to this, Pjur is glycerin-free and paraben-free, making it a safer choice for those prone to yeast infections and reactions to chemical preservatives.

Silicone based lubricants should never be used with silicone sex toys as they will destroy them. Some people who prefer the feel of water based lubricant but like the long lasting quality of silicone lubricants mix a little Pjur in with their water based lube. This works well, but it means you can’t use that mixture with your silicone sex toys.

Pjur is good for a variety of other uses:

  • Great for an oil free body massage
  • It can be used to shine latex and rubber clothing
  • It can be used as a skin moisturizer

Ingredient List: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol

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