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Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

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Rabbit Pearl Vibrator from Vibratex
Image courtesy of Vibratex

The Bottom Line

The Japanese Rabbit Pearl vibrator is one of the classic vibrators, and definitely worth trying for anyone who has already figured out that they like vibration. Avoid inexpensive copies and stick with the Vibratex original.


  • Japanese model has an excellent quality motor
  • Provides simultaneous clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration
  • Beads can provide g-spot stimulation and extra external stimulation
  • Non phallic shape and appearance will appeal to some people
  • Available in phthalate-free version.


  • Not very versatile, only good for providing simultaneous stimulation
  • Some people don’t like the dual switches and find it too much work
  • The recommended model is out of some people’s price range.


  • The rabbit vibrator hugs the body and provides clitoral stimulation the shaft rotates and is for vaginal penetration.
  • Small plastic beads in the shaft rotate and provide extra stimulation and g-spot stimulation for some.
  • Both motors are variable speed with a slide switch.
  • Vibratex model is available with a cord and external battery pack which takes 3 C batteries.
  • Cordless model, called the Rabbit Habit is also available, which takes 3 AA batteries.
  • Vibratex model is available in better quality, cleaner quality elastomers material
  • Japanese motors are better quality and usually last at least a year (some last much longer).

Guide Review - Rabbit Pearl Vibrator

The Rabbit Pearl vibrator is one of those instantly recognizable sex toys, made famous most recently by Sex in the City. This is a classic dual action vibrator that provides clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration at the same time, and the beads that rotate can stimulate around the opening of the vagina or when inside may provide g spot stimulation for some women.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a first time vibrator both because of its price and lack of versatility, but if you have already figured out that you like vibrators, the Rabbit Pearl is definitely worth the investment.

What makes the Rabbit Pearl unique among dual action vibrators is that the beads come out and offer more stimulation than other rotating toys with beads in the shaft that are flat.

Be aware that there are hundreds of different vibrators called “rabbit” or “rabbit pearl” or “pearl rabbit” but you want to make sure the rabbit vibrator you are buying is Japanese made, and I recommend sticking with only the Vibratex products. Vibratex has been a trusted name for many years and they can be relied on to stand behind their products.

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