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The Cone

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The Cone

The Bottom Line

The Cone offers a truly innovative sex toy design. At first it may seem strange, but its powerful motor and comfortable silicone material make it highly practical. By not looking like every other vibrator The Cone also invites you to re-think how you want to use a vibrator, and you’ll quickly discover the possibilities are endless (but your favorites are obvious).


  • Powerful, high quality motor
  • Made of high quality silicone
  • Offers sixteen vibration settings
  • Unique design inspires creativity
  • Good choice for people worried about sex toys that look like sex toys (this doesn’t!)


  • More expensive than most battery vibrators
  • Only for external stimulation, not for penetration
  • Some people may find it too large.
  • Silicone exterior means you should not use silicone lubricant with The Cone


  • Sixteen function 3000 rpm gold brush motor
  • The outside is silicone
  • Base is about seven inches in diameter, five inches high, and it weighs just over one pound.
  • Push button controls
  • Requires 3 “C” Batteries
  • Cost is between $110-$130

Guide Review - The Cone

The Cone is a perfect example of what happens when creative people who aren’t afraid of sex, and who don’t come from inside the sex toy industry, get together to create something new. In some ways The Cone is like every other vibrator in that it vibrates, and the stimulation is more than enough to provide intense pleasure. But in other ways The Cone is totally unique.

The design is the major innovation. By making a product that can be used, touched, rubbed up and pressed against in a variety of ways, the manufacturers of The Cone put the creativity into the users hands, and force us to think about how we want to use the toy.

But behind the design is a high quality, powerful, multi-function motor, and silicone material that are easy to keep clean and exactly what sex toys should be made of.

The Cone is also an accessible vibrator in some ways. If you have a hard time, or can’t, hold a vibrator for extended periods it can be flipped upside down and put in your lap and the pointed tip fits perfectly between your legs.

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