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Inexpensive Sex Toys

Recommendations for Sex Toy Fun on a Budget


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a lot of fun with sex toys. Inexpensive sex toys don’t deliver less pleasure; they usually just have a shorter lifespan than better quality sex toys. But it's important to note that some, though not all, budget sex toys also have poor design and even dangerous construction. The inexpensive sex toys recommended below get high marks at a low price (all toys are under $35).

Silver Bullet Vibrator

silver bullet vibrator
The Silver Bullet Vibrator is a classic vibe that carries a surprisingly strong bang for a buck. Ideal for external stimulation, the silver bullet is a great way to discover your own or a partner’s most sensitive spots, as it delivers vibration to a small focused area. It’s also compact and battery-powered, making it great for travel. The silver bullet is not safe for penetration (some people put the vibrator in a condom and this can work), and it has an idiosyncratic lifespan (I’d say between two weeks and two years). For less than $15, though, you won’t find a faster way to feel the vibe.

Elastomer Stretch Ring

elastomer penis ring
This is a great starter penis ring made from elastomer which is cleaner and more durable than jelly rubber, but has the same stretch to it. This ring can be worn either at the base of the penis or behind the scrotum, delivering different intensities. While it won’t have the same intensity as an adjustable penis ring, it will give the wearer a good idea of whether or not he likes the feeling of a penis ring in the first place. Less a device to maintain an erection, Elastomer Ring changes the way an erection feels, creating a sense of pressure that many men find very pleasing.

Blossom Sleeve

blossom penis sleeve
The Blossom Sleeve is one of a series of inexpensive sleeves designed for men. It’s made of a silicone/rubber mix which is very stretchy, making for a tight fit and intense stimulation. Inside the sleeve are ribs which are surprisingly noticeable. They are often the first thing to wear down, and while this toy delivers a lot of pleasure, it is usually for a short time (depending on usage, anywhere between 15 to 30 times before it starts to wear down). The Blossom Sleeve is great for a beginner who isn’t ready or doesn’t want to invest in a Fleshlight. (Always use with a water-based lubricant.)

Pink Silicone Lube

pink silicone lubricant
Silicone lubricants have become a popular alternative to water-based lubes, and Pink is a great choice for the budget-conscious lube shopper. Avoid the one in the hand-blown Italian glass bottle, and you’ll find that Pink is less expensive than other silicone brands but offers the same quality and feel. Like all silicone lubricants, Pink can be used in water, is condom-compatible, and doesn’t dry up like water-based lubricants.

Sonic Ring

sonic vibrating ring
A good starter vibrator for couples, this toy combines a powerful micro bullet with a silicone/jelly mix sleeve that allows you to wear the bullet either at the base of the penis or at the base of a dildo. The material is not as durable as elastomers, and is prone to tearing, so take care when putting it on and taking it off, and when removing the vibrator. Because the vibrator is removable, the Sonic Ring is easy to clean and the vibrator itself can be used on its own. While it’s marketed as a couples toy and is easy to use together, truth be told, the vibration is mostly felt by the one wearing the toy.


bootie butt plug
An adorable first time anal toy, Bootie is both practical and extremely non-threatening. For anyone already comfortable with the size of a finger, the smooth and seamless Bootie plug is also easy-to-clean and durable, as it’s made of silicone. The tapered base is designed for greater comfort when it’s worn. Bootie is curved to deliver prostate stimulation, but is equally comfortable and pleasurable for those without prostates. Remember that Bootie is made of silicone, so it should never be used with silicone based lubricant.


duke dildo
Finding a budget dildo is harder than it used to be. Better quality silicone dildos are everywhere and well worth the money. But for anyone who doesn’t have the funds for a dildo that lasts a lifetime, or who isn’t sure what size their looking for, plain rubber dildos can still deliver. Duke is one example of a new kind of rubber dildo that manufacturers promise are latex and phthalate-free, and deliver a low cost ($15). Most of these dildos, Duke included, are still porous, and using condoms on them is still a good idea both to extend the life of your toy and reduce the chances of reacting to it.

Sex Deck

sex deck
Chronicle Books
Not strictly a sex toy, but if you’re looking for inexpensive ways to spice things up, the Sex Deck fits the bill. It’s an over-sized card deck with 52 different sex positions illustrated and then explained in text. A new sex position isn’t necessarily going to have the impact of a new vibrator or dildo, but you never know what might come of sex at a slightly different angle.
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